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below i will attempt to post recent photos for your viewing pleasure
Warning !!!! most photos are of a graffic nature and may be consideredObseneto most people,animals, critters, bugs, aliens, and other possible life forms we do not know of at this time

This site is rated "GPG 45" ( if your over 45 you can enter otherwise ask your grand parents, your real parents will probably be pissed your looking at this nonsense)

This months pics are of the moose hunting trip i went on. No other animals were harmed in any way in order to bring you these
photos(moose and fish are all paid union models and actors that to the uninformed, may seem real)


test firing of snipper slingshot fine tuning of snipper slingshot

i didn't like it when it when it tried to bite me, so i bit its head off

did i give you permission to have another drink?

i'm just resting my eyes, ok

i didn't give er any beer, shes not feeling well

if ya tickle it under the ear like this, it'll lift its front leg for ya

don't cry son ! i'll let ya gut the next one

damn moose always gotta fall asleep in my boat  shoo shoo

maybe after 50 pulls  it will start

The jackfish river   north of lake nipigon

looking south at the fishing hole

70 minutes to cath limit of 16 pickerel

just another 231 hours and we'll be home

background image is courtesy of national geografhic magazine
wouldn't it be nice to see these northern lights live