An Introduction

I wrote this account 52 years ago at McGill University and I would like to expand on it now and try to fill in some of the blanks leading up to the constructing of this important historical information as a web site. You can see that this site is the brainchild of Edison Stewart. I will recall how we met as we proceed along the way

After the war, in the late fifties, Lieutenant Jack Paterson (Retired) came to work for the company I was with in Toronto, Jack and I had shared the same cabin on the HMCS Magog. We were in the chemical business and attended the annual trade association meetings connected with the business.

At one of these meetings in the mid-eighties we met Smokey Sturton who was running a chemical manufacturing company in Magog, Québec and we naturally got to talking about our frigate, the HMCS Magog. For two years in a row we promised Smokey we would visit him and he was to arrange a meeting at City Hall.

Jack and I finally made it the following year and we visited City Hall and met the Mayor and also Jacques Boisvert, a Magog citizen, who was interested in historical matters concerning his home town. This was the start of something important to us.

Through the efforts of Jacques and as many crew members we could contact we arranged a Magog reunion in October 1988. While we were only able to muster 21 sailors (along with their ladies), out of a crew of 150, it was a big success

In 1944 I had visited Magog to represent the Captain and attend a fund raising concert for the benefit of the ship. I met Ernest Pouliot at that time who was Mayor of Magog, I believe, and, it seemed, he was also in charge of the concert. At our 1988 reunion Mr. Pouliot was honorary President of the Reunion Committee and it was a real bonus for me to meet him again after 44 years, and I thanked him for his kindness to me in 1944 and for his work in setting up the reunion.

The town of Magog was very generous to us. We assembled at the cenotaph for a ceremony and marched along Main Street with our Captain, Louis Quick, leading us. We marched to a nearby church for a memorial service. It was a great occasion for those who were present.

In December 2000 I received a phone call from Edison Stewart of Ottawa who was the son of Errol Stewart, a shipmate on the Magog. He and his young son, Justin, were interested in meeting and we did have an enjoyable get together at Christmas time in Ottawa. I left some pictures with them and was able to fill in some blanks about the ship and its travels.

From this beginning you have this web site. The German submarine U1223 finished the frigate Magog, but the good news for the crew was that we were transferred as a whole crew to another Canadian fighting ship HMCS Waskesiu where we continued the search for German subs until VE day in May 1945.

Herb Montgomery


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