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"Bentwood Rocker" - pop/rock vocal quintet from Canada. The band started as a studio project in 1977, recording 5 CD's/albums and numerous singles and has developed into a dynamic live performance act that continues today - celebrating 40 years together

Four members of the pop group Sands of Time, and vocalist, Dan Thompson, all seasoned touring musicians started a studio project to record original songs - Bentwood Rocker was born.

Over the years, the band has recorded an expansive catalogue of songs covering a wide range of styles, released internationally with audiences in Canada, Europe, South Africa and many other regions throughout the world..Singles.jpg


Bentwood Rocker is set to release a series of CDs this year with new music  The new songs are considered by many  to be "some of their best work ever."


Forty years of recording and performing together as a group sets BENTWOOD ROCKER apart in the world of popular music. With the release of three new CDs, their music is a showcase of the many sides of a group whose career still continues today in the studio and on stage.

Bentwood Rocker on stage


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New Music is in the works.

Bentwood Rocker is gearing up to release 3 new EPs and a Double Album.

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"What Makes A Woman"

Live at the Hotel Quinte - Star Club


Take Me to Heaven - Re-issue 2009

Take Me to Heaven  Re-issue 2009

"...utterly essential for any serious 80s AOR collection."




Take Me to Heaven - Re-issue  BWRCD2009TM2H on Skyhawk Records. 
Manufactured CD includes a new version of "You" and "Best Man"


This album was first recorded in 1981- 82 in a series of sessions in Toronto, Canada and Miami, Florida, USA.  The title song was inspired by the story of a once popular Toronto nightclub called "Heaven" which was blown up by its owner.  It is a commentary on club life. Continued demand for the album has resulted in this re-issue.


Digital versions available at

European Fans

A new shipment of CD's are now available at

AOR Heaven Review:

"this is a tour de force for pomp AOR lovers. Crackers like the title track, "Take Me To Heaven", "Turnin' All The Heads", "Heart Says Go". or "New world Coming" are on par with the acts mentioned before and are utterly essential for any serious 80s AOR collection."


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