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Federations & Associations

Canadian Poolplayers Association (CPA)
The Canadian Poolplayers Association sanction an international network of amateur pool leagues known as either the Canadian Pool League, the Camel Pool League or the American Pool League. Over 190,000 members compete year round.

Canadian Women Pool Tour
CWPT is an official Regional Women pool tour operation that provides Women Amateur Pool Players an opportunity to further their careers in the sport of women's billiards and is also a stepping stone to the WPBA.

The first Virtual Billiard in Mexico.

Pool Unlimited.com
Organize the best pool tournaments and promote this great sport in Mexico. Sells pool tables, t-shirts and pool-art. [ Website en español ]

American Poolplayers Association (APA)
Provides information and entertainment for the 200 000 APA Members throughout North America, for our network of 175 APA League Operators and the more than 40 million pool enthusiasts around the world.

Billiard Congress of America (BCA)
Huge website ! All about Industry, Leagues, Tournments, Members, Products for sales, and more.

TapLeague (Pool's Amateur Tour)
T.A.P. Pool (The Association for POOL) is a nationwide organization which offers players league play using a ranking system which measures each shooter's skill level on every shot.

Women's Professional Billiard Association (WPBA)
Realy nice web site ! Schedules, Player Bios, Rankings, Results and Stats, About WPBA and Online Store.

World Pool-Billiad Association
Real huge site... Champions, Results, Calendar, Schedules, Rankings.

Valley National 8-Ball League Association
The Valley National 8-Ball League Association, Incorporated is a non-profit organization established to promote the game of pool on coin operated equipment.

News Sources

Biljarten Startkabel
Portal website with links to Dutch sites and other european countries.

An awesome links site to Billiards, Pool and Snooker web pages world wide, listing associations, clubs, distributors and of course rules.

Serving all 8ball pool players in Scotland.

American Billiards
American Billiards offers information as well as billiards equipment : accessories, books, clothing, cue cases, table cover, and more.

THE A to Z of Billiards and Pool. You need to go there !

Ace's World of Pool
This is the home page of Ace's World of Pool webring which features all of my pool sites, including Ace's Cool Pool Lit & Links, The A-List of Pool Books, Ace's Pool Poster Store, and more.

Billiards Digest
The on-line complement of the most comprehensive magazine in billiards.

Dave's Pool Tools
Dave's pool tools are designed to ease the administrative duties of the Tournament and League Director. There are two basic types of tools: (1) Forms and Charts using Adobe Acrobat and its "interactive" features (2) Computer Software programs.

Free references for billiards
A directory for : Billiard Pages, Commercial Sites, Magazines, Professional Players, Reference, Tournaments and Leagues Places To Play in the St. Louis Area, and Web Rings.

InsidePOOL Magazine Updated
Founded in 2001, InsidePOOL Magazine is the best source for news from the world of pool and billiards in US. It is offered in pool rooms, billiard supply, newsstands, and book stores in both the US and Canada.

OnTheCheese.Com Billiards
A nice website working hard in the billiards community. Also Cue Makers of the SouthEastern United States list.

Pool and Billiards
Pool & Billiards offers information for consumers on pool tables and billiard accessories.

Snooker Loopy
Snooker and billiards information, players profile, videoclip and more.

Instructions & Techniques

The Cue School New
Complete training center for pool and billiards with instruction, library and equipment.

Billiard Atlas
Bernie's System secrets are closely guarded by an inner circle of top players...

Our aim at Billiardclick.com is to increase the standard of play in billiard sports by helping make you a better billiards, snooker or pool player through use of our Free pool billiards lessons and articles, forums, interviews, reviews ebooks and more.

Billiard Club is a “video magazine” featuring pool as a world-class exciting sport, with highlights from professional and amateur pool from around the world. Each issue gives the subscriber the best of video entertainment and magazine articles all wrapped into one.

Billiard Books and training aid. Aiming on the cutting edge NEW billiard instruction book.

CueSport College
At CueSport College... For over 25 years, our instructors have been helping pool players of all abilities take their game to the next level. At CueSport College, you'll learn from the most experienced teaching pros."

EasyPoolTutor Visit it now
Free online pool lessons. A real good one website !!!

Freepool Lessons dot Com
Jimmy Reid provides free online pool lessons. All lessons are FILLED with DETAILED GRAPHICS, many contain SOUND, and all have tips, techniques, strategies and personal insights designed to take you to the top of your game.

The Illustrated Principles of Pool and Billiards Visit it now
Book and online resources for learning the principles and techniques of pool and billiards. The site includes a large collection of online narrated video demonstrations and high-speed video clips, technical proofs of various dynamics principles, and links to related resources.

Monk Billiard Academ-e
This is Advanced Billiards Concepts, the Monk's game improvement web site for experienced players. His tools for spreading billiards knowledge include Workshops, Seminars, his own books and videos.

A realy nice website providing Instruction (Fundamentals, Ball Controls Drills, English / Side Drills, Important Shot).

Forums, Newsgroups and Directory

Billiards Forum New
Billiard Forums on all aspects o cue sports.

BilliardIndex.com New
BilliardIndex.com is a portal, a directory and much more. The directory is a wide-growing index, it contains vast information and categorized links properly arranged so you can find everything you need quickly and effectively.

Billiards Players Directory New
BilliardIndex.com is a portal, a directory and much more. The directory is a wide-growing index, it contains vast information and categorized links properly arranged so you can find everything you need quickly and effectively.

8Ballsecrets.com New
Free ebook, help us help you.

Billiards newsgroup

Billiards FAQ on Answerbag
Billiards FAQ that allows visitors to add new questions and answers. Based on the rec.sport.billiard FAQ.

They working hard at building a community forum and a directory of some of the best billiards related websites on the internet.

Billiard newsgroup sports, including pool, snooker, carom games.


Layanicues Visit our partner
Layani Cues proudly presents a new patented principle of assembly: the conical joint. This new design guarantees perfect coaxial fit between shaft and butt.

Canada Billard
Website show products such as : Commercial, home and high quality tables, cues, cases, and accessories.

Cue Sport Group
A wide range of cues, cue cases as well as tables and games room furniture for your very own pool room at home.

Doolys ProShop
Store located in Halifax (Nova Scotia) provide a large selection of pool tables and the largest selection of cues in eastern Canada.

MingXing Slate
MingXing Slate making products for stone processing industry. The very first product was making slate of billiard table, according to the standard international.

Cue Station New
Supplier of various snooker cue cases and pool cues with brands such as Omni cue and Cuetec cue.

Benoit Rajau - Photographer
The clichy - Montmartre billiard hall - Paris.

Viattorre Custom Cues
Viattorre custom pool cues are handcrafted and assembled the traditional way without the use of CNC machines. The inlays and points in our pool cue are never dull and round, manual crafting allows us to produce finer and sharper points and very expressive inlays only achievable thru great attention to detail.

Smart Cue
Smart Cue Group International Incorporated develops, produces and sells highly warp-resistant billiard cue sticks, including pool, snooker, carom. Also: Jump and break cue, bridge, and cue case.

Build your own pool dining table New
Build your own non-slate pool dining table cheap and easy.

American Pool Network
UK online billiards store featuring some of the best names in pool, Predator, Meucci, Viking, Fury, Falcon, Talisman and more all at reasonable prices.

Arcade Leisure
Arcade Leisure - Pool and Snooker Tables and much more, we wont be beaten on price !

American Billiard Company UK
Exclusive Brunswick pool table distributors for UK and Cuestix cue dealers. UK's only specialist American pool table and cue dealer.

Divine pool tables
New and reconditioned pool tables including outdoor and table top tables.

Excel Poot Tables New
Based close to the centre of Manchester - Buy Direct from a UK manufacturer.

Intense Games
A UK supplier of pool tables and billiard tables fo all types!

Kingswood Leisure
Provides new and reconditioned pool tables, snooker, billiard tables.

Matchtable New
A complete choice of slate bed pool tables and slate bed snooker tables is offered.

Poolrooms New
Poolrooms UK (London) and an international showcase for American pool tables and pool dining tables (pool diners) by Brunswick Billiards, Billards Plaisance and Longoni.

The only place to get professionnal billiard match videos!!!

American Billiards
American Billiards offers information as well as billiards equipment : accessories, books, clothing, cue cases, table cover, and more.

Aspen Rustic Billiards New
Log pool tables and custom rustic furniture for your unique billiard room.

Best Billiard Supply
Online catalog - all you need is here.

Billiard Auctions New
The new marketplace for billiards, pool and snooker equipment.

Billiards & Barstools New
Online retailer offering a wide selection billiard tables, accessories and game room décor.

BilliardBook.com New
Billiardbook.com shows you pool-billiard books and DVD's for systematically Training - Test yourself with the Playing Ability Test (PAT).

Billiards Boutique New
Pool tables, snooker tables, Peradon snooker cues, Predator and Fury pool cues shipped worldwide at best prices.

The Billiard Factory New
The Billiard Factory have experts to help you in almost any billiard or pool table maintenance & supplies. Provide products like cue sticks, billiard balls, custom pool tables, pool cues and more.

Billiard Momentum
Billiard accessories virtual store.

Billiard Restoration Services
We buy, sell, appraise, and restore antique pool and billiard tables.

Billiard Artwork and Antiques
Specialize in antique pool and billiard memorabilia and collectibles.

Billiards Rooms.com
Billiardsroom.com carries quality brand name pool cues at discount prices. All of our cues are 20% off everyday. Free UPS shipping on orders over $100. You can also find pool table lights, cue racks and spectator chairs.

Billiards shop
Buy your Billiards products with sport-shops.com!

Buddy Hall's Billiard Products
Rodriguez Enterprises L.L.C. Est. Billiard Business since 1988. [1995] World 9-Ball Champion Buddy [The Rifleman] Hall and Rodriguez Enterprises began a partnership distributing, marketing and selling Buddy Hall-related billiard products.

Budget Billiards
Offering a variety of Billiard products including all major pool cue brands, cue cases, as well as accessories.

Bulls Eye Bank Shot New
A billiard training device, used for bank, kick & cut shots. Bulls Eye Bank Shot displays a mirror image of the playing surface, allowing the billiard player to accurately locate the contact point on the rail to achieve above shots.

BumperNets carries a large selection of billiard tables, balls, custom cue sticks, and related accessories.

BW Enterprises
Online billiards store - Custom Cues and Leather Cue Cases by Pinnacle Cues and Pinnacle Cases

Organisations, Leagues, and a lot images (films, fine art, animated gif, players, poster, and much more).

Win A Free Pool Cue Every Month At FreePoolCues.com

GameRoom Online.com
Game Room Online is the most customer-oriented billiard and dart online store there is.

Green Felt Jungle (The)
This is the true story of a guy who led two entirely different lives. On one hand, he was the Vice President of a forty million dollar a year business. On the other hand, he was a devoted pool player who would go anywhere and face any danger in an attempt to play big money pool.

Lakeside Billiard Supply
A complete line of billiard supplies and pool table accessories.

Learn how to shoot pool billiards
The EZ Shot Ghost Ball is a pool training aid that shows you where to aim your stick to make any shot, and it is the only true visual ghost ball. It comes with a dial-a-English hand and has a built in tangent line.

Micro Logic Software
Micro Logic Software provide a management tool for billiard halls.

MyBilliardsOnline.com New
MyBilliardsOnline.com, a virtual store based in Wisconsin, offers a variety of pool room accessories and game room furniture: cue case, game room spectator chair, pool and billiards accessories, pool cues and cases, luxury table lights, and more.

National Pool Tables
Buy wholesale pool tables directly from the source.

Outdoor Pool Tables
Our outdoor pool tables, are one of a kind and provides endless fun for family, friends, and people of all ages. We have been manufacturing pool tables for over 13 years and continue to be a leader our industry.

Platinum Billiards
Platinum Billiards provides popular product range of cue's and accessories : cues, cases, accessories, books and videos... and 3 very nice popular questions : Which Break Cue Is Fastest? Which Shaft Deflects Least? Which Chalk Works Best?

Pool tables and Poker Tables - Featuring: The Gambler Pool Table - The pool table that mechanically flips into a poker table!

At PoolDawg, you'll find pool cues, cases and billiards accessories from the best brands in billiards.

Discover the ultimate pool table accessory website! Online store provides accessories, videos, balls, books, etc.

Billiards & Pool Tables Online
Online retailer of Murrey and Mizerak pool tables.

Online retailer of Pool cues, cue cases, and billiards supplies at low prices. They carry top names such as Mezz, Meucci, Action, 5280, Scorpion, McDermott, Lucasi, Joss, Schon, Rage and more!

Rockwell Billiards
Rockwell Billiards offers good quality products, including table covers, cue racks, billiard lights, and accessory kits.

Royal Snooker & Pool UK
Buy Pool Cues Online at wholesale prices for next day delivery in the UK.

Pool Tables and Billiards Games
Looking to add some fun to your home with a game table? Our site features tips and information for home gaming buyers, and resources for pool tables, billiards accessories, foosball tables, air hockey equipment, dart boards and more!

Raven Custom Pool Cues
Raven Custom Cues and Repairs. Specializing in high quality hand crafted cues.

The perfect practice aid to help fine tune and develop a perfect stroke! Highly reccommened by Tom "Dr. Cue" Rossman and Tim Miller "The Monk" Both BCA sertifed instructors and world class players.

THE EDGE Billiard Instruction Kit New
Pocket billiards instruction kit teaches aim, control and position using a patent pending training aid.

The Tony Ryan
The Tony Ryan is the pool cue extension. New invention for those hard to reach shoots on the pool table.

Time after Time Pool
We specialize in the finest, restored and functional antique tables.


Accessories : tables, cues, lights, books and video, etc.

Another great website with classifieds adds. Also, find pool rooms and pool tournaments anywhere in the USA.

Yahoo !
A huge range of items : des tables, queues, lights, services, books, videos, games, etc.

Cue Auctions


Play89 New
Play89 pool site offers you to play online pool for free - in less than 2 minutes you can download play 89 free pool software n' start playing.

Pool2Play New
Pool2Play is your place to find out about online game of Billiard. Live information and news regarding online Snooker, Pool, 8Ball, 9Ball Carom including game reviews, tournaments, FAQ and newsletters and online pool leagues.

Biliardo 2 New
Biliardo is a freeware simulation game of several billiard specialties including Italiana (5 Pins), Goriziana (9 Pins), Bowls, Carom and Three Balls.

Funky Pool.com
Funkpool.com is an online multiplayer pool and billiard game with an active forum community. The game is an arcade-style 2D game, and is a completely free browser based Java game.

Carom 3d New
Carom 3D is an online multi-user billiard game created with special 3D graphic effects bringing every aspect such as 6 ball, 9 ball, 8 ball and other Billiard games to life.

8BallClub New
Online Billiards Game. The '8BallClub' is a peer-to-peer competition. Also you can select one of the Bot Players to play against one of computer skill level, and the local practice game without connection to a game server.

Carom 3D is an online multi-user billiard game created with special 3D graphic effects bringing every aspects such as 6 ball, 9 ball, 8 ball and others of Billiard game to life.

Cases Ladders - Virtual Pool
Internet gaming community multi-player for Virtual Pool 2

The ultimate Simulator Software: Virtual Pool 2 and 3.

Cosmic Pool Deluxe
Cosmic Pool is a unique new twist on standard pool that takes place in three-dimensional space. There is no table or gravity: the balls are suspended in space inside of a game cube. The object of the game is to knock all of your balls out of play with the cue ball, just like in regular pool, the difference being that the balls must be shot through the hoops in the sides of the cube rather than into pockets on a pool table.

GameDesire Visit our partner
Free online multiplayer game : snooker, 8-ball, UK pool, 9-ball, 14-ball and training table. Realy, REALY NICE TO PLAY FOR FREE!

Games Dex
Online store with over 35 products about Pool and Billiards software: VR Pool, Pool Husltler, Actual Pool, Virtual Pool, Expert Pool, Maximum Pool, Pool Shark and much more.

Pool Hack
The yahoo pool hack is a highly popular cheat for yahoo pool.

Yahoo Pool Hack
A popular yahoo pool cheating device.

Yahoo Games ! (Pool)
Internet gaming community offering free, multi-player games.



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