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The MadriGALS sing madrigals, catches, folk songs and bawdy songs of the Renaissance. (For those who like numbers, the Renaissance is generally said to be from 1450 to 1600 - later in England.) Actually, the music we sing ranges from the late Medieval era (you know, the time period before the Renaissance) to the Baroque (the one after the Renaissance...). Henry VIII's lovely "With Owt Dyscorde" (track #18 on Alchemy) is one of our earlier selections and Henry Purcell's rousing "I Gave Her Cakes and I Gave Her Ale" (track #19 on Alchemy) is an example of the later material.
   We sing in three part harmony unaccompanied by any instruments (a cappella). This not only saves us a fortune in musicians' session fees (and eliminates the annual chore: fire the drummer, audition for a new one), but it allows us to concentrate on that fabulous thing that happens when three different voices blend together and create something magical - perhaps alchemical - that is more than the sum of its parts.


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