Nano Buddha
Nano Birth
Nano Death
Eva is one of ten top winners in the Nano At Competition 2009.
This image will be featured in a Chinese national magazine: "Quochina"        
Nano Buddha is an image created to help us understand the need to not lose sight of the deepest recesses of our existence when we pursue technology, so that what we create encompasses the whole picture of what we are as humans on this earth and not only what is immediately titillating and facile. The Buddha is a universal symbol of peace, wisdom and love, embraced by both the East and West in the 20th Century. I have studied it myself for many years and found it to be a powerful tool in transforming my life and gaining a deeper understanding of who I am. That allows me to see the world and all in it, in a more compassionate way. We all need Buddha eyes and heart to forge ahead in the new world of science and technology, so our choices do not lead to our demise.