Silence 4

Silence 5

Silence 6

Silence is the only gift.....This series was exhibited at Jadite Galleries in New York, between July 8 to July 29 2008.

As an African proverb says. Much silence makes a mighty noise. In that which speaks in silence, nothing is left out say the Zen masters. It is already you, so nothing more is needed. We find ourselves in a solitude that is familiar, feels like home, no longer isolated by speech and verbal chatter that feeds and organizes our daily lives and keeps the silence at bay. The best information in our Information Age is no information at all. Silence tells all. This silence can be accessed by being with yourself. It is a gentle inner peace here and now in this moment. It is a mystery.


Also I have just received a beautiful book in colour from a juried exhibition I entered, where I was accepted into, in Italy Sguardi Sonori 2008 - a festival of media and time based art. It was basically a project of sound and film art but they chose some painters to include in the netart part of it and for their book. My piece Silence 4 was included, They titled it My sound is Silence. Michael Snow was also featured in it.