My participation in Canadian Politics

As the candidate of The Rhinoceros Party Of Canada, in the Riding of Gamelin, Montreal, Que., during 1980 Federal Election..... The following solemn promisses were made to the electorate....

  • To abolish the law of gravity
  • To abolish the "Pay Toilets-System".
    (All citizens should have equal rights in their needs)
  • To include in the law, the right of unemployed to strike, etc..
    In honour of the party's glorious existence, we are announcing a GENERAL AMNESTY for all those who have fallen by the wayside to pursue the futility of a serious politics.By publicly renouncing such gross stupidity and paying their annual dues, the party is prepared to welcome them back with open arms. But as we reach out to embrace this revelationary doctrine we must not throw caution to the wind.

    For as the old Rhino proverb wisely warns: "Even the road to Damascus has potholes". Our party has thrived on overt dissidence, and will continue doing so. But we can no longer tolerate infidels and idiots who take themselves and the party seriously. These are the "Pot-holes" who litter our Long March into the anal cavities of history. In the future, such dissidents will be added to the party's "enema" list and purged at the earliest opportunity.

    In the hallmark election years when we care enough to send the very best, the nation looks to us to manifest the power of positive absurdity in the face of absolute idiocy. To the people of Canada these are neither the best of times, nor the worst We cannot fool all of the people some of the time, or even some of the people all of the time---but if we can fool a majority of the people at election time, that's all the time we need.

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