Just released, the latest in The Inspector Green Series

The award-winning Inspector Green series is set in Canada's Capital, a city of rich cultural and geographical diversity, and features the impetuous, exasperating Ottawa Police Inspector Michael Green, whose passion for justice and love of the hunt often conflicts with family, friends and police protocol. There are currently eight novels in the series, which has garnered two Best Novel Awards, as well as one additional nomination, from Crime Writers of Canada. The latest, Beautiful Lie the Dead, is set for release in October 2010. Take a sneak peek at the novels below!

To be released in October 2010...

Beautiful Lie the Dead
An Inspector Green Mystery
Napoleon and Company, RendezVous Crime

In the dead of night, the phone rings in the missing persons unit of the Ottawa Police. A brutal blizzard is howling, and a wealthy young activist has not heard from his fiancée in over twenty-four hours. Family, friends and police are mobilized to search the snowbound city. The young doctor comes to believe that his partner is fleeing for her life, possibly from his own family. When a frozen body is found in the snow just blocks from the man's home, Green knows that someone is desperate to keep the truth hidden.

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Released in 2009...

This Thing of Darkness
An Inspector Green Mystery
Napoleon and Company, RendezVous Crime

On a glorious September morning, an old man is found beaten to death in a rundown alleyway off Ottawa’s Byward Market. Initially, suspicion falls on four local gang punks caught on a nearby store surveillance camera. However, the mystery deepens when the victim is identified as a retired psychiatrist whose controversial treatment methods often put him at odds with his colleagues and his patients’ families. A surprise will, an estranged son and a young mystery woman who visited the victim every Saturday night draws Green into a desperate chase that leaves him questioning the ultimate meaning of justice.

"For those who like a solid classic mystery with added character, Inspector Green is perfect." - Globe and Mail

"A fine tale, perhaps Fradkin’s best yet, and characteristically raising profound social issues." - The Sherbrooke Record

"This is more than a traditional mystery, it's insightful writing that stirs up questions and emotional responses - and the satisfaction of a good book." - Hamilton Spectator

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Released in Fall 2007...

Dream Chasers
An Inspector Green Mystery
Napoleon and Company, RendezVous Crime

One moonlit June night, seventeen year-old Lea Kovacev sets out to meet her secret lover by the cliffs of Ottawa's Hog's Back Falls. Three days later her nude body washes up in the shallows downstream. When the autopsy reveals she was dead before she hit the water, Inspector Green suspects murder. His investigation draws him into the manipulative world of elite young athletes, drugs and teenage sexuality that soon claims another innocent life. Who is the secret lover, and how far will others go to shield him? How many others, including Green's daughter, will pay the ultimate price for a young man's dream?

"a book to be savoured, not only for its meticulous plotting and sheer eloquence,but for the underlying message..." - Ottawa Citizen

"Insightful, nuanced, and entertaining, Dream Chasers might well be the best novel to date." - The Sherbrooke Record

"Dream Chasers is a winner, perhaps the best from a series that has gone from strength to strength." - Hamilton Spectator

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Winner of the 2007 Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel!

Honour Among Men
An Inspector Green Mystery
RendezVous Press, Toronto, 2006

When an unidentified woman is drowned in the Ottawa River almost within sight of Parliament Hill, she has in her possession a train ticket from Halifax and a Medal for Bravery awarded during a 1993 peacekeeping mission in Yugoslavia. As Green digs deeper into the military past, he finds himself sucked not only into the murky past of a peacekeeping unit but into the high-stakes present of a federal election race. What dark crime was committed in Yugoslavia more than a decade ago? Was someone still killing to keep it secret? And does the diary of a dead soldier hold the key?

"the most masterful and compelling tale yet in the series." - Ottawa Citizen

"the best yet. Solid plot and good characters." - The Globe and Mail

"Fradkin weaves a complex problem into a novel that works on two levels; as a mystery and as a spotlight on a serious Canadian social problem." - Hamilton Spectator

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Winner of the 2005 Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel!!

Fifth Son
An Inspector Green Mystery
RendezVous Press, Toronto, 2004

Accident or suicide? That's the question facing Inspector Green when a vagrant returns to his childhood village after twenty years and falls to his death from the bell tower of an abandonned church. Villages identify the man as one of five sons from a farm family that was once close-knit and prosperous, but when Green tries to track down the missing sons, he finds only tragedy, madness, death.

"One exceptional mystery, with even more complex characters and tighter plotting. Fradkin's forte is the emotional cost of crime." - Ottawa Citizen

"All works beautifully right up to the twist at the end. The Inspector Green series gets better with every book." - The Globe and Mail

"A character-driven psychological thriller that's a page turner from page one." - Midwest Book Review

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Released in Fall 2003...

Mist Walker
An Inspector Green Mystery
RendezVous Press, Toronto, 2003 ISBN: 1-894917-03-0

Innocent scapegoat or monster manipulator? An idealistic young teacher is accused of molesting a young schoolgirl and acquitted in a sensational case that left the truth hidden and the teacher's life in tatters. Ten years later, his distraught confidante walks into Ottawa Police Inspector Michael Green's office insisting that he has vanished. Green's curiosity is piqued when he discovers that the teacher left behind his beloved dog and an apartment crammed with research related to his case. Has he fled to escape the wrath of victims, new or old? Or was he innocent all along and spent the last ten years trying to clear his name?

"Fradkin leads us through an unsettlingly realistic maze that lays bare the minefields surrounding pedophilia. But she does it with sensitivity, without sensationalism, and with a plot with legs. Mist Walker is the gold standard for the series." - Ottawa Citizen

"Fradkin's writing captures it all. Great narrative, dialogue and suspense."
- Reviewing the Evidence

"this powerful novel...should not be missed. Mist Walker is a great original work."
- I Love a Mystery

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Shortlisted for 2003 Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel!!

Once Upon a Time
An Inspector Green Mystery
RendezVous Press, Toronto, 2002 ISBN: 0-929141-84-9

When an old man is found frozen to death in a hospital parking lot, Ottawa Police Inspector Michael Green does not accept the official verdict of death by natural causes. His own investigation draws him deep into buried secrets from World War II and onto a personal journey of discovery into his own past.

"Once Upon a Time is so much more than a mystery; it is a story about people pushed to the edge, about families, about desperation, about love. Rarely does one find such depth in a novel of any type."
- Storyteller Magazine

"Mystery fans can rejoice; Once Upon a Time is prime crime."
- Fearless Book Reviews

"brings the legacy of the Holocaust centre stage...the events and the people come alive on the page" - Quill & Quire

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Released in Fall 2000...

Do or Die
An Inspector Green Mystery
RendezVous Press, Toronto, 2000, IBSN 0-929141-78-4

When a wealthy, popular graduate student is murdered in the university library, Ottawa Police Inspector Michael Green is drawn into the competitive and elitist world of university politics, professional rivalries and personal passions. Struggling to balance the needs of the case with the demands of his rocky marriage and the impatience of his superiors, he finds himself making mistakes that could cost more lives...

"a stunningly well-written novel" - MidWest Book Review

"a perfect blend of mystery and suspense" - Charlotte Austin Review

"interesting characters, plenty of local colour, a clever plot that keeps the reader guessing" - Canadian Book Review Annual

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