The Ladies Killing Circle

The Ladies Killing Circle is a dynamic group of women writers, all originally from the Ottawa area, who first got together in 1992 as a critiquing group and later as the editorial board of a series of popular and critically aclaimed short story anthologies. Barbara has had stories published in all seven of their anthologies

In 2005 she was privileged to became a member of the group, consolidating friendships that will last a lifetime. One of the founding members of the group was Audrey Jessup, who died in 2003 but whose presence will be with the group forever.

In 2008 the group released its last anthology Going Out With a Bang, with a spectrum of stories from comic to noir. However, in a brand new venture, they have just released in July 2011 an ebook entitled Little Treasures containing seven rare, out-of-print stories from the first anthology. Check it out on Kindle, Kobo and other ebook sites!

The other members of LKC are:

LKC has been a launching pad for the successful writing careers of its members, who have gone on to publish short stories in many other venues as well as novels.

The Ladies Killing Circle Anthologies

  • The Ladies Killing Circle (1995)
  • Cottage Country Killers (1997)
  • Menopause is Murder (1999)
  • Fit to Die (2001)
  • Bone Dance (2003)
  • When Boomers Go Bad (2005)
  • Going Out with a Bang (2008)