Ave Maria

(1999) [2:34]

This is an original composition, setting the words of the Latin prayer, Ave Maria, to music, much like Gounod and Schubert did before me. As you will hear, its minor key lends itself to a more liturgical, prayerful character.

A funny thing happened on the way to composing this piece. But rather than having me tell it, I'll let my dad tell you the story:

"David was in the bath one weekend afternoon, attempting to recuperate from a cold. Suddenly, he came tearing down the stairs, clad only in a towel, and fired up the computer on which he composes. He donned headphones and began to work furiously. Two hours later, he handed me the headphones and said, 'Here, listen to this.' What I heard was truly the voices of the angels, albeit sequenced through our sound card. I was immensely moved by the beauty of the music. I looked down at David. All he said, in a soft voice, was, 'I don't quite know where that came from.' I invite you to listen to the music, and then decide for yourself."

Thanks, Dad. The recording you will hear is from the world premiere of my Ave Maria at the Festive Celebration Concert at the Etobicoke School of the Arts, performed by the Chamber Choir under the direction of Mr. P.J. Carefoote and Ms. T. Epringham, December 14, 2000. Kudos to the choir for the magnificent performance.

Listen to Ave Maria (2.2 MB)

As with all of my pieces, this sounds better live!

A Note on the mp3 encoding: For some reason that I certainly can't explain, Windows Media Player has trouble playing my clips. For best listening results, please use Winamp. I promise it's not evil. To listen to my work in Media Player, please right-click and copy the "Listen to" shortcuts, and then paste them into the "Open URL" (Ctrl-U) slot.

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