Congratulations, TSWulf and Mailyn!

For the memories that you have made, the memories that you are making, and the memories that you have yet to make, consider this but one page of the ongoing saga on which you have enscribed words of truth, compassion, and love. On this day, you have not only merged your two houses, two hearts, and two lives, but you have also merged your two destinies. It had been ordained in Heaven that on this day, it was meant to be. I am providing you now with a small scrapbook with quickpaintings that I made from your wedding.

Filled with jubilation, you stand next to each other, as each other's king and queen.

In response to a promise to give his love until he expires, the bride, slightly blushing, affirms her love for her groom "for all eternity."

Excuse me, I think I have something in my eye... ;_;

A little stunned, the couple is blessed with well-wishes and spells of healing.

The happy couple shares a kiss (obscured by spells) while the gathered crowd commences the celebration.

As the sun sets on the arctic ballroom, TS and Mailyn share a kiss (unbeknownst that I was making a quickpainting! Nyahaha!).

Tap that gray bird of yours here if you would like to hear the piece that I was playing at your wedding, in better quality ((MP3 format)).

Best wishes for a successful life together,
Master Musician Sailortaurus
((aka David Federman))