Happy Holidays!

In honour of the holiday season, I have composed a befitting piece, using a pentatonic row and instruments such as the kayagum (zither) and the daegum or so (bamboo flutes), as well as various bells, chimes, drums, and cymbals. ((So, it represents the a mix of Eastern and Western cultures that we have in Nexus, especially in the celebration of Christmas.))

Moreover, I have provided the lyrics to this song, so you can sing along!

Christmas in Koguryo
Though the days are short and the nights are long,
There’s a feeling of cheer in the winds that blow,
And everyone can tell, even the ogres in Hamgyong,
It’s Christmas in Koguryo~~~...

It is always cold and we are well-
Beset by year-round snow,
“But how,” you ask, “can the sages tell
It’s Christmas in Koguryo?”

You go to the inns to be warmed up by
Ox’s and Walsuk’s banta’,
And you know it’s time if you really think:
“Hey! King Yuri looks like Santa!”

Be joyful and merry on this festival day!
Pour the wine and let it flow!
Bring a smile to your face as you gleefully say,
“It’s Christmas in Koguryo!”

You know it’s time when you see a blizzard
And you’d rather ride a sleigh;
You’d best travel with a clear-seeing wizard
So you don’t mistake the Arctic land with Kugnae!

There’s ice on the ground, and you slip and slide,
And really look like a big klutz,
And while you hunt, you can’t help but ask
A mage to roast your chestnuts!

Be light of spirit and free of woe
As you frolic in the snow;
You might catch your lover ’neath the mistletoe,
For it’s Christmas in Koguryo!

You know it’s time when you sit by the fire,
With your close friends gathered ’round,
And you ask each other for a present desire
So you can make their happiness abound!

This Christmastime, if a beggar comes to you,
And just as you’d tell him to leave,
You should think to yourself, for a moment or two,
“It is better to give than to receive!”

From us in the Ministry and Santa Mhul,
As we sing with hearts aglow,
This message to you to make your hearts and ears full:
It’s Christmas in Koguryo!

It’s Christma~s in Ko~gu~ryo~!

Tap that gray bird of yours here if you'd like to hear this piece in better quality ((MP3 format)).

From all of us, to all of you, happy holidays!

Master Musician Sailortaurus
((aka David Federman))

((Music and lyrics Copyright © 2002 by David Federman.))