Where Do We Come From?

Freedom Vineyard was birthed from a passion for helping individuals become all that they can be in Christ.

In the fall of 2001 an invitation was made to a group of people whom we felt the Lord was calling to begin preparing for a church plant. We decided to meet weekly for six months for the purpose of encouraging each other to grow in our personal walks with God. This group was closed to new members and at the end of the six months we decided that God was doing something in our midst and that we should begin planting in earnest.

We opened the doors for newcomers after the Christmas holidays. We’ve remained committed to the original call of encouraging each other towards spiritual maturity. During this time we also became an official Vineyard church-planting project of the River City Vineyard in Sarnia, ON. This gives us an enhanced accountability structure as well as guidance as we continue to pursue God’s call as a church. We continue to maintain strong ties to the Vineyard in Sarnia.

During our history as a congregation, we have tried to focus on what God was blessing most. In our experience this has been small, intentional groups meeting primarily in homes. We have also run many training workshops through our own groups and for churches that have invited us to come and share. We have run what we call theology pubs which are places where individuals gather in an informal setting to discuss topics of interest for our community.

Our commitment to the maturation of individuals has allowed people to come and integrate into our fellowship, but we also consider it a privilege to help people find churches where they can continue to grow and flourish, even if that is not with us. If you are looking for something a little different, a helping hand on the journey of life, then Freedom Vineyard could be just the place you are looking for.