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The Advantages of Membership

COPA is a member of IAOPA, the International Council of Aircraft Owners and Operators. The dues you pay for COPA membership help IAOPA to make representations to the International Civil Aviation Organization, ICAO.

Perhaps you think that ICAO concerns itself with only airline matters, or with international flights. Whereas that had been largely true in years gone by, dating back to 1944 and the Chicago Convention founding ICAO, such is not the case today. ICAO very much influences your flight around the patch on a Sunday afternoon. Not only did 9-11 change the world, but technology and the demands placed on operators by technology make what happens at ICAO very much your concern.

As an example, and in just this year (2005):

The temptation is to attend only those meetings which appear relevant. Unfortunately, because one never knows what forces surface during a meeting, it is important to attend all meetings. That commitment to 'keep an ear to the ground' costs time and money.

The world of aviation is becoming increasingly complicated and intertwined. The grab for airspace - from above by the airlines and from below by radio towers, and at GA flight levels by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs),- require action by IAOPA at the highest level - ICAO. The introduction of very heavy aircraft such as the Airbus 380 will cause delays at terminals due to increased separation between these and other aircraft, making the sky still less available to GA operations. Somebody has to stand up and shout on behalf of GA, and, unfortunately, IAOPA is the only voice at ICAO exercising that mandate.

You should also consider that COPA not only interacts with Transport Canada in Ottawa on your behalf, but also with Transport Canada representatives at ICAO, through COPA's IAOPA representative at ICAO.

It is your membership in COPA, and all other aviation organizations, which permits GA's voice to be heard at ICAO and other government levels. Please keep supporting your Freedom to Fly by maintaining membership.

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Frank Hofmann, AME
IAOPA Representative to ICAO
COPA Secretary and Quebec Director
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