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Spring Maintenance

How many of you have an airplane? How many of you have a pilot licence? How many of you have had any kind of maintenance training?

By law the owner has to manage the maintenance of the aircraft – he is Director of Maintenance. The following are steps toward good management practices.

At home, or with your confrères:


If you have an annual coming due:

  1. Make a list of all inspections due – scheduled and out of phase (625 B & C). Discuss with your mechanic. Get competitive quotes.
  2. Communicate with the mechanic/shop manager. Obtain estimate of time and money. Agree on what needs doing.
  3. Set a date and prepare your airplane for it.
  4. Bring detailed written discrepancy list.
  5. Bring them a clean airplane ready to work on.
  6. Be clear about how the shop charges – apprentices, parts, hangar time etc.
  7. Ascertain shop has all required data for your aircraft.
  8. Ask if shop has appropriate insurance.
  9. Avoid 'cheap' annual.
  10. Don't complain about invoice. Stay in touch and in control.
  11. Bring donuts
If not an Annual, then: At the aircraft:

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Frank Hofmann
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