Lecture Series

A series of seven 3 hour seminars which are aimed at pilots and/or aircraft owners and potential owners. They are designed to de-mystify and to add depth to the training curriculum followed by student pilots and those generally interested in aviation matters.

Planned seminars are:

  1. To Buy or Own your own airplane? Choices of type, costs, operations

  2. This lecture will help Participants to define the reasons for owning an airplane, evaluate their capability to own, and to provide some information about the choices available.

  3. Owner Responsibilities regarding maintenance.
    The aim of this lecture is to clarify the responsibilities the owner has toward the proper maintenance of his aircraft.

  4. Owner Performed Maintenance. CARs 625 App. A. Portions are hands-on.
    This lecture discusses the maintenance permitted to be performed by the owner and demonstrates some of the tools and techniques employed.

  5. The Annual Inspection. Hands-on
    The aim of this lecture is to walk the participants through many of the actions and inspections required for an annual inspection.

  6. Equipage. Modern Requirements and Equipment. ELT, ADS-B, Autopilot, Engine monitor, Ballistic Parachute, Transponder, Collision Avoidance.
    This lecture examines trends in required aircraft equipment and helps to de-mystify the function of this equipment.

  7. Airplane Design. The steps in designing an airplane.
    This lecture takes the participants through the various steps required during the aircraft design process. Participants will participate in a design exercise.

  8. Applied Meteorology. Making your own short and long-range weather forecasts for flying and holidays.
    Participants will examine weather information and phenomena from a new and more practical perspective.
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