Ultralight Ground School, May 17 and 18, 2003
Frank Hofmann, Instructor

Ground school class Ground school class May 17/18, 2003
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  Ground school attendees
Ground school course May 17/18, 2003
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Participants came from all over - as far away as Fergus, ON and Val d'Or, QC. The course also was attended by Martin Buissonneau of Transport Canada, who audited the course. As a consequence to his presence, qualifying participants will receive recurrent training credit for their participation. Many of them had Private Pilot licenses already.

Most of the participants are either Challenger owners and/or builders and their spouses. Hofmann presents this course a minimum of once annually in the Montreal region, and has done so for 20 years now. Whenever there is sufficient demand, the course is offered in other locations of peoples' choice.

The course is more than an introduction to U/L flying. In addition to imparting relevant information, Hofmann puts a strong emphasis on socializing the students' learning, encouraging the attitude that each helps and adds to the experience of the other. The idea is that the students will remain in contact after the course, bringing peer pressure to bear on their activities. Of note is that over the 20 year period, none of the students who have accessed Hofmann's course has experienced a serious accident.

This group, though it is not restricted to challenger enthusiasts, inevitably adds to the growing membership of the Challenger Ultralight Association. It is a unique group and exemplary to all ultralighters in Canada. The people in the photograph had not met before, but parted friends and will continue to swap intelligence.

If past history is any indication, the majority will surface at the Winter Rendez-vous in Montebello next January.


Frank Hofmann
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