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Dear Russ & Lois,

Greetings! Getting back home was particularly sad this time. Loads of work has given me so little time to check mail or write till now.

You ask how to improve the Pleasant Top's experience? Honestly, I think we'd have to be literally floating among the clouds. Our experience? Where to start? The serenity and expansive views of Admiralty Bay, perhaps? The early morning mist precipitated by the brillant orange/pink sunrise? The warm & welcoming slow meow coupled with a softer than down caress perhaps? Or, the refreshing late night pool dip to quell the warm and sensuously languid night breeze. We mustn't forget the gentle simplicity of a man called 'Fummy Taxi' or the accommodating and kind father 'Uncle Willy'. Bright, smooth to taste papayas melting in the mouth, red yellow mangoes abundant among lush tropical gardens. Delightful gift bearing locals, full of smiles and wise old stories of the way things used to be. A caressing yet forceful wind which carried stories of past adventures. Acceptance, generosity, beauty, brown, green red blue all sparkling. This place Bequia was a feast for our eyes ears and senses.

Our gratitude to you both for opening your home to us and sharing this magical place which you call home.

Hope to return one day...if we are to be so lucky.

Jai & Gary.

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Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you what a fantastic time we had in Bequia and how much we enjoyed our stay at Pleasant Top. You really are very lucky to have that place and to be able to spend much of your time in Bequia. Although we were only there for a few days, we were charmed by the island and the people and (finances permitting) hope to return some day soon!

We got into a routine of rising early, breakfasting on the patio and then driving to Lower Bay or one of the other beaches, spending the morning swimming/snorkelling/lazing on the beach, having lunch out, then returning late afternoon for a cooling swim in the pool and to watch the sunset with a rum cocktail! I think I could have carried on with that routine for years without getting bored! We didn't get out much in the evenings (kids too tired), but had good meals out at lunchtime - particular favourites were Coco's Place, the Gingerbread and the Crescent at Industry.

The kids loved playing with Missy - we don't have pets at home, so it was a treat for them to have a new friend to play with.

Took a while to get used to the 'Blue Rinse Girl' (re-christened 'The Dodgey Dodge' by the kids!), but managed to survive the week without driving off the side of a hill!

The Regatta was fun, although the crowds at Lower Bay on Sunday were a bit too much for us to cope with, so we escaped to Industry for some peace & quiet, and then on Monday we took a trip out on the Friendship Rose to see the final double-ended races.

Even the hospital service on Bequia was superb - I had a little argument with a spikey black sea urchin (or Sea Egg, as I think Willie called it) and had to have a few spikes extracted from my foot!

Willie is a treasure - you're very lucky to have him looking after the place for you. A lovely man.

So, all in all a fantastic time was had. Even whilst waiting for the little six-seater SVG plane to fly us back to Barbados, our downcast spirits were lifted by a lovely lady at the airport who recited her poetry to us! Charming!

So, thanks very much [from] us for allowing us to enjoy your home and your island.

Kind regards

Jon, Julia, Florence & Ben


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