A Big Bequia Welcome to

St. Vincent and the Grenadines
is ' the place to be '

Russ Filman's Bequia Life

           Bequia flag

Bequia life is typical easy-going Caribbean style with a tang of zest.   Bequians are the most enjoyable of characters whose outlook on life explains their resilience in the face of  the seemingly endless string of calamity following their every footstep.   They invariably bounce back from adversity with dogged tenacity and a litany of usually impractical half-developed concepts for their next assault on the Gods of Misfortune.   With the sailor's mentality, built over generations of sending their men to sea for months or even years at a time, they find how to work their way through most problems that would totally befuddle the pampered doyens of the  'first' world.   That success is reflected in the generous smiles and welcoming banter of a large portion of the island populace.   Pretences just flow away in a sea of smiles.

This is the place for those comfortable with themselves and experienced enough to let others do or be whatever they imagine for themselves.   This is definitely not a place for the hyperactive goal-oriented time manager.   Perhaps a few basic words might convey the idea of Bequia; comfortable, relaxed, pleasant, warm, friendly, entertaining, beautiful and definitely blessed, even if the goats do eat the flowers.

Whatever you would expect from a tropic isle can be yours on Bequia, with a few pointedly view from verandah at Pleasant Toprevealing exceptions; no casinos, no large tourist-package holiday hotels, no jet-skis, no guns, no big jets and No Problem!

Come to Bequia to see
        what Life should really be.

We have many comfortable places to stay, even our own home, Pleasant Top, is available ( to nice people who love cats ).   So, please look at some of the comments in   the Bequia web page.   Almost everything you would want to know should be there, or available through the links provided for other sources of information about the enchanting Caribbean West Indies isle of Bequia in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

mglory.jpg Morning Glory at Pleasant Top     

  Bequia, to me,
    is what life should be
      If life were a dream,
        then Bequia would be
          That delight to the senses
            Where flowers are fences,
              For there are no pretences.

   Come to Bequia where a Big Bequia Welcome awaits you. Admiralty Bay south shore - Bequia

Morning Feb 1991 from Pleasant Top

Sunset 1991 from Admiralty Bay shore at the Plantation House - Sunny Caribee

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