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  • E-mail Suzanne Gabriel at or phone (784)457-3209 or Fax: (784)457-3505 for any services needed in preparing for a wedding on Bequia or St. Vincent and the Grenadines, including those very trying government documents.

E-mail Admiralty Transport Bequia - St. Vincent Ferry service
-- also Windward Lines ferry service
Venezuela - Trinidad - St. Vincent - Barbados - St. Lucia
phone (784) 458-3348 .. fax (784) 457-3577. Admiralty Transport is also the DHL Worldwide Express Agent for Bequia.

Alvin's Taxi Service Bequia, Alvin Ollivierre phone/fax (784) 458-3356 or VHF68 A comfortable Toyota Van or pickup truck provide efficient friendly service at standard trip rates. Our touring rates are US$15 for 3 passengers or US$5 per person per hour for more than 3 passengers.

  • E-mail Barefoot's Mary Barnard at Blue Lagoon, St Vincent
    also see the web page for Barefoot Yacht Charters
    PO Box 39, Blue Lagoon,
    St Vincent & The Grenadines, West Indies
    Tel:(784)456-9526 / 9334 / 9144 - Fax:(784)456-9238
    FOR DISCOUNTED AIR TICKETS - Call our USA Travel office on 1-800-327-5540. When you call, quote our special discount code # 2000 - this will give you access to our wholesale, discounted fares.

Email Barnard's Realty St. Vincent & Bequia website link

E-mail Bequia Boathouse Original Bequia Arts and Crafts in an old-time West Indies setting telephone (784)457-3896

  • Website: Bequia Net providing E-mail services, internet connection services for the traveller. Near new GYE dinghy dock across from S&W supermarket phone(784)457-3105 fax(784)457-3908

E-mail Bequia Tourism Association PO Box 164, Bequia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, West Indies. phone (784)458-3266 fax (784)458-3964. Website:

    Cable & Wireless (WI) Ltd, Box 103, Halifax St., Kingstown, St. Vincent & The Grenadines
    Sales Office phone: (784) 457-1901
    Caribbean Cellular Service: (784) 457-4600

Dive St. Vincent Young Island Dock 457-4714/4928 fax 457-4948
Email: to Bill Tewes VHF 16/68

  • Email: Doris Fresh Food Bequia opposite the market. Wir sprechen Deutsch. Credit Cards welcome! Yacht Provisioning. VHF 68 tel:(794)458-3625 fax:(784)457-3134

Gabriel Glynn,(R.M.A.N.M ; ITEC) registered homeopathic practitioner and holistic massage therapist, (using aromatic oils). Trained and worked in U.K, now practicing in Bequia. at Ocar, Bequia. (next to the Sergeant's model boat shop) Tel/fax : 457-3462

E-mail Grenadines Sails Avell Davis, Ocar Reform, Bequia
phone/fax (784)457-3507 / (784)458-3305 (evenings)

  • Grenadine Tours - Arnos Vale St. Vincent (784) 458-4818 ... fax (784) 458-4586
    Grenadine Travel - Bequia phone (784) 458-3795 ... fax (784) 458-3775

E-mail Hadley Blooms Union Estate, St. Vincent website link

  • E-mail Clint and Millie Hazell HazECO Tours to: volcano - sightseeing trips - nature trails - Trinity Falls - Baleine Falls - and more .. phone (784)457-8634 fax (784)457-8105 - in Bequia (784)458-3409/3895 website: Hazeco Tours website

  • Otis Joseph Computer Services and Consulting (784)457-6488 St. Vincent

E-mail East Caribbean Metal Industries Ltd. St. Vincent phone:(784)456-1843 fax:(784)457-7641 website:

E-mail Mauvin's Enterprise, Bequia The place for those unbelievable hand made model boats. Wouldn't you just love to have a model of your very own yacht? Mauvin's phone number is (784) 458-3669 and fax (784) 458-3548

  • E-mail Mustique Airways They do prefer to handle remote business through fax. Their fax number is (784) 456-4586 and their St. Vincent phone number is (784) 458-4380. Their new website is at

E-mail Noel's Taxi Service and D&N Jeep Rental Noel S. Ollivierre, Friendship, Bequia, St. Vincent, W.I. - phone ((784)458-3064 fax (784)457-3353 website:


E-mail Ottley Hall Marina & Shipyard phone: (784)457-2178 or (784)456-2640 fax: (784)456-1302

E-mail Bob Sachs or visit his Dive Bequia Web Page

  • Sargeant Brothers Model Boat Shop The place for those unbelievable hand made model boats. Wouldn't you just love to have a model of your very own yacht? Timothy's phone number is (784) 458-3344, Port Elizabeth, Bequia, St. Vincent, West Indies.

E-mail Solanas Bootique Bequia, St. Vincent

E-mail Sutton Systems phone (784) 458 3263 Website development

  • E-mail SVG Air St. Vincent Air Taxi service and air ambulance
    SVG AIR website phone (784)457-5124/5777 ... fax (784)457-5077 SVG Air P.O. Box 39 E.T. Joshua Airport, St. Vincent and The Grenadines. 10 Aircraft to serve you from Three bases: St. Vincent, Barbados, Grenada. Daily scheduled flights and Grenada twice daily to the Grenadines. We also fly a scheduled flight, Saturdays, between Martinique and Cannouan with stopoffs as needed in St. Vincent or Bequia. Full Charter service available to/from most Caribbean islands.

E-mail Dr. Gregory K. Thomas, D.C. Chiropractor
fax: (784) 457-3785 - 97 Granby St., Commissong Bldg., Kingstown St. Vincent (784) 458-6449
Bequia, St. Vincent (across from the Port Elizabeth vegetable market)
The Thomas' also have a Bequia Spring Estate property for rent. Details at

E-mail Turbulence Sails phone (784)457-3297 fax (784)457-3078

  • E-mail John Barnard & Jerslyn Stewart SVG contacts for United Insurance Company Limited
    Phone: (784) 457-4904 / 458-4613 / 457-4806
    Fax # (784) 457-4223 / 456-0228

E-mail Wallace & Co. Ocar, Bequia ph/fax: (784) 458-3360 Fishing & Boat Supplies

E-mail Wallilabou Dive Experience

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Some temptation! SVG Resorts and Places to Stay

Petit Byahaut Eco-tourism resort on St. Vincent's Leeward coast

Burke House in Moonhole, a Bequia hideaway, John Corbett, Director, Moonhole Company Limited at his hotmail email address and a second Moonhole rental property Tranquility Villa

E-mail Wallilabou Bay Hotel phone (784)458-7270 fax (784)457-9917



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