Canada Day *

From Grand Banks’waters to Haida Gwai

Where Pacific breakers roar,

From Erie’s shore to our arctic seas

Beneath the midnight sun,

Throughout this broad Dominion

A new day has begun.

Aurora Canadensis,

Glorious northern dawn:

Bold panoply of colours,

Majestic and serene;

Composed of different races

Diverse creeds and dreams;

May your light shine forever in our nation, proud and free;

Chorus of many cultures, voices from distant lands,

Let us sing together in peaceful harmony

O’ Canada our own dear land

From sea to sea to sea.

 O’ Canada: We stand on guard for thee.

*I suggest that an assembly of the many different ethnic and cultural groups singing the above as a choir would make a fine presentation on Canada day.

Yrs truly,

Dan Farrell