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Birds seen on the Gaspé

The Gaspé Peninsula is home to many wildlife species and among the more colour full are birds that frequent the bluffs that border the ocean and those species that nest on the mountain trees, cliffs and reefs.

Its not unusual to see Cormorant, Eider Duck, Finch, Gannet, Harlequin and Sea Ducks as well as beautiful Heron, Robin and as many as 10 varieties of Seagull. Of course, the area is home to many varieties of song bird like Swallow, Wren, Flycatcher, Kingbird and warbler.

Some are quite rare for the Gaspé but because of sightings we include them.

Sea birds: Turn, Gull, Storm-Petrel, Dovekie, Murre, Puffin, Auk, Shearwater, Gannet, Cormorant and Albatrosse.

Song birds: Swallow, Wren, Flycatcher, Kingbird, Jay, Crow, Sparrow, Chickadee, Wren and Thrush.

Marsh birds: Coot, Rail, Crane, Crake and Moorhen.

Water birds: Loon, Heron, Bittern, Egret, Ibis, Grebe and Duck and Geese.

Fowl and similar birds: Partridge, Pheasant and Grouse and rarely people have see Ptarmigan.

Birds of prey: Eagle, Harrier, Hawk, Falcon and Osprey.

Sea shore birds: Plover, Killdeer, Yellowleg, Sandpiper, Curlew, Godwit, Dowitcher, Woodcock, Jaeger and Phalarope.

Woodpeckers: Woodpecker, Sapsucker and Flicker.

Hawks: Common Nighthawk, Chuck-wills-widow and Whip-poor-will.

Hummingbirds: Swift and Hummingbird.

Dove and Pigeon