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West Point Lighthouse guards the west approach to Port Daniel Bay and is only accessible through Chaleur Chalets Resort.  Built in 1907 it initially featured a coal oil lamp and man powered fog horn. The current concrete and masonry lighthouse has been retrofitted with an electrical light and is still depended upon my mariners to warn them off of the reef in turbulent weather.  The white octagonal tower with a red lantern is 33 feet high with a focal plane height to 66 feet.  It flashes "white" every 5 seconds and has a range of 20 miles. A spiral red iron staircase leads to the lantern compartment. Up until only a few years ago the structure was white washed. Hydrated lime - also referred to as “burnt lime” was collected from the property and mixed with water then applied to the exterior and interior of the structure.  This resulted in a striking white landmark. 

Guests of Chaleur Chalets can share a little history when they visit the lighthouse.  Chaleur Chalets is on property that has been in the same family for generations.  This lighthouse is significant in that it stands on land that was originally owned by ancestors of the family.

Whether you are writing a book, play, movie, thesis or just enjoying time off many guests have used this symbol of protection and quiet strength to inspire.

A real working Lighthouse - just one more reason to stay at Chaleur Chalets this season.

........let your mind expand with the beauty of it all -

Chaleur Chalets, Port Daniel, Québec........    On the Gaspé Peninsula

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