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Lupin LodgeShigawake HarbourShigawake is a tiny village (77.36 sq. km) located on the Bay of Chaleur side of the Gaspé Coast in the Province of Québec, Canada. The population count used to be a well kept secret! Shigawake pronounced "shig- a - wack" got its wonderful name from the Mi'kmaq Indians who lived further east (Gaspé) and west (Maria). Shigawake means "clean or clear," perhaps referring to the Village's little brook which springs from the Chic Choc and Notre Dame Mountain ranges and Happy Fishing boatsempties into the Bay of Chaleur near Shigawake cove.

Braeside InnA wonderful village to visit or settle down, Shigawake is noted for its  lilac and lupin flowers planted along the carriages way - hard to miss because they are everywhere! Three major motion pictures (Paramount Pictures) were filmed here, "Isabel" and Norstar's "The Dance Goes On, in 1990." The Village has been the setting for other television and motion picture productions - marvelous. You could say that practically everyone is an actor. 

Visitors can find their way to Shigawake by car, train, boat or plane.

B&BShigawake has 2 churches, St. James United and St Paul Anglican (Episcopalian for our American cousins and for those folks reading this from England that would be Church of England - and yes your welcome cousins too). For sports enthusiasts there is a base ball field in summer, skating rink in winter and community centre. Snow mobile or Ski-doo trails are plentiful and cross country skiing, walking or biking depending on the season. There are endless lanes and range roads to explore, what ever your method of conveyance. The Parish Hall, another facility houses the library and its generally where folks gather for harvest suppers, wedding receptions and larger meetings. In late summer, Shigawake hosts an agricultural exhibition. The municipal town hall, built by former Mayor Garry Hayes is an example of the spirit of this community.

Sport fishing, especially deep sea fishing is fun but you don't need a boat, lots of folks cast off the wharf . The Village has a harbour (affectionately known locally as "Fraggle Rock") for commercial Recycling Company fishing and pleasure craft. Folks can buy fresh fish at the harbour, especially lobster (in season) or visit Assels Sea Food Inc. (processing plant) just about any time of year for just about any fish species. Flowers are everyone's favorite and Undersky Greenhouses supplies the Village and surrounding towns with a wonderful selection.

Berry BerryThe Village is also home to Shigawake Organics Ltd., producers of organic and odorless fish compost based Grower Mixes, Potting Soil and Landscape products. You can find a little bit of Shigawake in just about any garden centre in Canada and the New England States - just ask for SEAgro®.

Of course no self respecting place would be without a store and garage, Shigawake has 4. Ralph's Garage and Convenience Store is in Centre Ville, Robinson's Garage is the car and heavy equipment repair centre and they do a wonderful job of keeping the roads plowed during winter.  Gagnon's Forge specializes in welding and milling from lawn mowers to heavy duty mining equipment - you name it, they probably have rebuilt it.

If you're looking for horse sense - look no further than Shigawake's own Alan Dow. Alan keeps a few horses and is considered by many to be the County's premiere horseman.

Farming is a way of life for a few folks. Some families have been in business for quite some time. Sullivan Farms is a reputable dairy producer. As well Pinecrest Farms produces dairy and beef. Undersky Farms raises race horses for local and metropolitan race tracks.

Map of GaspeWhere to stay while visiting Shigawake! There are other things to do and see at Shigawake (they've just slipped my mind) but if you are planning on visiting you might want to drop by Lupin Lodge B&B (418-752-2549) for a cozy stay. Braeside Inn is another marvelous B&B to consider. A fabulous retreat is Chaleur Chalets (418-396-5667) motel and house keeping chalets.

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Come for the weather Wondering about the weather? Shigawake is located in a maritime region. So we get large sea storms in the spring. There is a scene in the Movie Isabel of such a storm filmed at Shigawake harbour - personally I find watching such storms better than watching a Boston Red S game - but to each his own. Most summers are sunny. A note of interest, often Percé or Gaspé will have foul weather but Shigawake is really the "land of the rising sun."

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