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Weekend Saturday - Final
Jeff Mahoney

Paul Lisson's latest show, at the Hammer Gallery on James Street North, is in some ways a consummation of his unorthodox approach to the use of photography in art over the last several years.

Lisson [is] a mixed media artist who uses photography not so much to make photographs as to play with the idea of image.

In this exhibition, entitled Objet Inexplicable, Lisson pulls out all the stops, using color photocopying, black and white photography, paint and several other filtering processes to produce some fascinating effects.

Without giving too much away about his ingenious technique, let us just say that Lisson achieves his look in this show by taking curios and strange objects he has been collecting for decades, placing them against rich patterned fabrics, and photocopying them on a color photocopier.

Then, in various stages, he photographs and tints those images, using both negatives and prints. The technique gives to these images a strikingly three-dimensional quality and some interesting color accents. The objects featured in the images are engrossing -- old pictures of tenor Enrico Caruso, tarot cards, objects of the occult, rosary beads, Mexican worry dolls, Louisiana gris-gris, dominoes.

The show seduces the viewer into a world of enigma and strange conjurings, an effect amplified by the garlands of ginseng and chestnut twigs with which Lisson has crowned his beautifully framed images.

All in all, this show is Lisson's most well-conceived and cohesive work to date.

Objet Inexplicable, an exhibit by Paul Lisson. At the Hammer Gallery.

ILLUSTRATION Hamilton artist Paul Lisson with one of the works in Objet Inexplicable, at The Hammer Gallery. Photograph by Cathie Coward, The Spectator.

Response Collage

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