About Faisal Kadri



Me working on George and Mary C in August 2005

Currently, I work in the Montreal area for a hi tech company which makes PC digitizers and "The world's most powerful oscilloscope software." My interest in Artificial Psychology is not work-related. I started my interest just after my PhD, when I had a set of nonlinear analysis skills and wanted to find problems where these skills are particularly effective. I chose the behavior of live systems because it is dynamic and nonlinear yet very stable. I did background reading and found the general focus of academics was on cognition. Cognition does not lend itself to my analysis skills; hard to describe as dynamic or nonlinear. On the other hand, motivational processes do.
In order to define a research area, I had to answer basic philosophical questions regarding the relationship between cognition and motivation, which was the subject of my first book.
My approach was to build a model of human motivation based on animal behavior, The first concepts of cybernetics and block-diagram representation of information flow were published in my second book.
Animal motivation is made of two distinct mechanisms: Priming and Homeostasis. This division enjoys near universal acceptance among scholars. I suggested two mathematical representations in this regard in two conference papers in 1992.
Later on in 1995, in a joint paper with Ian Duncan of Guelph University, we combined the two and compared theoretical and simulation tests.

A simplified representation of the same was presented in a joint paper with Jerry Hogan of Toronto University in 1993.
A listing of all publications and request for reprints form are linked.
In the last few years I shifted my focus slightly to commercial potential rather than academic recognition. I started with the Java version of George and Mary (GaMJ); a dialog player with two personalities, the applet is at this home page and the FAQ is linked.
I soon realized the limitations of a Java distribution so I started George and Mary C. GaMC is a dialog player/editor with aging simulation, it will be released soon. If you reside in Canada or the U.S. and wish to be a Beta tester then please fill the feedback form.

I was born in Baghdad, Iraq. I went to kindergarten in Logan, Utah, where my father was researching for his PhD in Agriculture, then I went to school in Abu Ghraib, Iraq (yes the same location but before Saddam built his infamous prison). I finished high school in Baghdad then went to London, England to study engineering. I finished my PhD in Nonlinear Control Systems at the University of Wales in Cardiff in 1974. My first job was with Hewlett Packard in Rome and in Athens, then I rep'd Fluke, Wavetek and other US companies in Egypt for 13 years. I moved to Canada in 1988 and became a Canadian citizen in 1992. I am married and have one daughter. My old friends are welcome to contact me, please use the feedback form.