who am i: Ferd Poblete
aliases: Ferd, Ferdkat, Ferdinator
b-day: Dec 10, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
base of operations: Scarborough, Ontario
email: artofferd at sympatico dot ca
favorite artists: Masamune Shirow, Isutoshi, Shiwasu, Oh!Great, Mike Mignola, Fred Perry, Frank Cho, Art Adams, Adam Hughes, Joe Madureira (geez... a lot more artist I can even list!)
other stuff I like: Gadgets, Anime, Manga, Sushi, Pho, FLCL, SSX, Stikfas, Lara Croft (Girls with Guns! rarrrrrrrr)
dislikes: unnecessary waiting, strong perfume and "fank" (fanboy stank - the unique aroma of unwashed bodies in a packed convention hall with minimal air conditioning)


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