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Death Mail Art Exhibition

After organizing the Mother mail art exhibition in 1998, Francesca decided she enjoyed receiving mail in the form of mail art and started her second project Death. The Death project received works from 39 participants from 15 countries.

Image of artwork Image of artwork
Image of artwork
Andrea Massaro,
Italy, 1998
Francesco Mandrino,
Italy, 1998
Igor Stevanovic,
Yugoslavia, 1998

Image of artwork
Image of artwork
Image of artwork
Eberhard Janke,
Germany, 1998
Roberta Parson,
U.S.A., 1998
Ulla Rohr,
Switzerland, 1998

Image of artwork Image of artwork Image of artwork
Antonio Perez-Cares,
Chile, 1998
Dorian Ribas Marinho,
Brasil, 1998
Guido Vermeulen,
Belgium, 1998

Belgium: Guido Vermilion, Garcia Pedro, La Madison du Pete. Brasil: Suzie Signori, Wilson de Oliveira Souza, Dorian Ribs Marinho. Canada: La Tan Vine, Kurt Beaulieu, Nadine Fenton, S. Ferry, Bill Thomson, Lisa Wylie, M. Butler. Chili: Antonio Perez-Cares. England: Eileen McCaughey. France: Patricia Rebelling. Germany: Merlin, G. Ostfalk, Bernhard Jake. Hungary: K.Kabai Lorant. Israel: Yaara Hotzen. Italy: Andrea Massaro, Giovanni Strada, Vincenzo Giardelli, Millinnium, Ruggero Maggi, Alberto Rizzi, Francesco Mandrino, Vittore Baroni, Rudolfo G. Vitone. Spain: Manuel Sainz Serrano, Alfonso Sanchez. Mexico: Juan Geurrero. Switzerland: Ulla Rohr. U.S.A.: Robert Parsons, J.B. Eternal Network, Honorin, Sharyne E. Walker, Meg Taney Founds. Yugoslavia: Igor Stevanovic.

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