Some Missing Pages: The Black Community in the History of Quebec and Canada

The online authority on Black History in Canada. This site is a complete chronology accompanied with many pictures. The site was originally designed for both elementary and high school students, but also recommended as great reference tool for the more advanced.


CSONAN - Canadian Series Of North American Negro

A splendid little site. Don't be fooled. The intro may create an impression of an angry young man who was cheated of a proper education, but Anthony Samuels has properly channeled his energies into this web site. This site is a little more personal with Samuels' inclusion of a "discussion forum" and his summer outings to Black History Museums. He manages to broaden the black history ideas beyond the underground railway with some focus on language and churches. Off to a good start. A site with a touch of attitude and a lot of potential.

Black Studies Centre Online

For well over 20 years, the Black Studies Centre has been providing a wide range of services to Montreal's Black Community. Education is a key focus, but also acts as a voice against injustice. A strong supporter for educating people on Black History. You don't have to live in Montreal to enjoy this site!

Birchtown Archaeology Project

Oral history is a step in the right direction when researching the Underground Railway, but archaeology forces everyone to accept the truth. The Nova Scotia Museum has outdone itself with its Archaeology Page of Birchtown - a site originally destined to be used for land fill. See how archaeologists add to the puzzle of the Underground Railway

EML - Black Pioneers of Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Black Pioneers was written by Carolyn Smith of the Black Educators Association of Nova Scotia as a joint project with the Nova Scotia Department of Education and Culture. The outcome - another great resource on the net for teachers complete with slides and activities. An interesting focus on schooling, clothing and occupations of Black Loyalists.

African Canadian Heritage Tour

A tour indeed which takes you through 5 independent sites including Dresden, Buxton and Chatham in South Western Ontario. The sites are located about 1 hour from Detroit. The web site provides historical material as well as listings for museums. This is home of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" (literally) and host to the annual "U.S./Canadian Underground Railroad History & Genealogy Conference."

EduNET: Society & Culture - Pioneers - Priceville

A small site, but a gem of an educational tool. Play the role of historian - compare different sources, and try to complete the missing links. Contains a few good examples of primary sources. An excellent, but brief summary of Richard Pierpoint and pre-Birchtown days.


Group campaigns to save old slave cemetery - January 29, 1997

The St-Armand Slave Cemetery debate made the news line on T.V. on Canada's national station - the CBC. The following is a transcript of the evening news.

Salvaging the Dignity of a Slave Cemetery - February 23, 1997

The following article, on the St-Armand Slave Cemetery, appeared in "Montreal Community Contact", a local paper sponsored by the Black Studies Centre for the Black and Caribbean Community of Montreal.

The North Star: Tracing the Underground Railroad

The Underground Railway Renaissance is the best way to describe this site. Anthony Cohen is a modern pioneer as he attempts to relive the journey by walking along the Underground Railway from Alabama to Canada. This is the kind of web site that will make you want to email Mr. Cohen a letter of encouragement. A job well done Mr. Cohen. Best of luck to the North Star Foundation. Tons of resources and links.

The Underground Railroad in New York

The highlight for the web site is "Geography". A detailed listing of stops and cemeteries that outline the trajectory of the Underground Railway in the state of New York. You will certainly want to take a road trip across New York after visiting this site.

VHS: Underground Railroad

Vermont's active participation in the anti-slavery movement is well documented with both primary and secondary sources. The Vermont Historical Society has successfully launched a site that continues to compile evidence for he Underground Railway and simultaneously provides teachers with a new resource. Highlights include a history on anti-slavery society and the on going debate of the Rokeby Estate.

Vermont Heritage Network - Rokeby Museum

The debate continues - the role of the Rokeby estate in its participation in the Underground Railway is at question. For more information check out the link above. Where do you stand on the debate? Not sure? Visit the Rokeby Museum. The tour is worth it.



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