My Personal Interests

Photographer Fred Cartoon

Hobbies / Crafts

Photography, Handyman projects

Affiliate Marketing

Flying Swans

Bird Watching
Quick Time Movie 1 (Grackle - 185K)
Quick Time Movie 2 (Cardinal - 182K)
Quick Time Movie 3 (Baby Birds - 198K)

Feeding the Birds

Listening to...

Carleton University's campus radio station in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Radio Free Victoria - Campus Community Radio in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

IRH Live - (Streaming Internet Radio from Hawaii)

Sports / Outdoor Activities

Alpine skiing, skating, snowmobiling,
Swimming, water skiing, sailing, canoeing, boating,
Cycling, hiking, nature study,
Walking my dog and relaxing at the lake
Footprints In The Sand

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'Lover's Kiss' - A Midi Song

Haliburton Rocks
Updated July 19, 2009