Fawn - Copyright Ron Wulff Jr.
My Favourite Literature,
Stories and Poems:
Haliburton Rocks
Nature Study with the Ontario Trackers
Tom Brown Jr.
The Caretaker
Haliburton Rocks
Two Wise Old Owls - Copyright Ron Wulff Jr.
 "Hooty" (red)and "Mr.Who" (Grey)
Haliburton Rocks
"Hooty" and "Mr. Who"
are both Eastern Screech Owls.
They are the only small species of owl
with ear tufts, and come in two colour phases.
Haliburton Rocks
Celestine Insights with James Redfield
Haliburton Rocks
Deer - Copyright - Ron Wulff Jr.
Haliburton Rocks
 My Favourite Poem
Haliburton Rocks

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 'Shadow Winds' - A Midi Song

Updated July 19, 2009
Haliburton Rocks