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Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Rock Guitar, Folk Guitar, Bass Guitar, Blues Guitar, Flamingo Guitar, Classical Guitar,
Guitar Chords, Transpose Chords, Capo Chords, Songs, Lyrics, Rock and Roll, Blues and Folk Music

Fast, Accurate and Easy
Chord/Key Transpositions
with a nifty capo equivalent chord utility,
for that harmony accompaniment.

How it works:
Chord Transposition: Click here Capo Equivalent: Click here

Runs under Windows 3.1 or 95/98.
Price ... $10.00 Cdn /or US (whatever is the easiest for you)

Download -- The Program and Documentation (1.1MB)

This is a Shareware program.
Few people pay, most don't. Send your check to:

G. Hartley
Box 1642
Kemptville, Ontario
Canada K0G 1J0


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P.O. Box 1642, Kemptville, Ontario
Canada K0G 1J0