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Canadian Artists roses
A new series of Canadian roses developed by a consortium of Canadian rose growers and breeders. There are four varieties in this series at the moment.

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Species Latin Description Width Height Zone
Emily Carr Rosa ‘Emily Carr’ (2007) Emily Carr has deep red semi-double flowers held in clusters. A vigourous and healthy shrub rose. Very fast grower. 4-5’ 4-5’ 4
Felix Leclerc Rosa ‘Felix Leclerc’ (2007) Felix Leclerc is a climber with 4” pink semi-double flowers -- and it flowers all summer long. Very resistant to drought and blackspot. 6-9’ 4’ 4
Bill Reid 2012 Frilly yellow petals: one of the few hardy yellow roses. Named after the Haida artist Bill Reid. 3' 3' 4
Campfire 2013 Some flowers are yellow, others pink, some mixed -- a gorgeous new addition to the Artists series. This rose is named afer a painting by Tom Thomson, 5' 4' 4