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Hardy Climbing Roses

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There are lots and lots of climbing roses in the world, but most aren't hardy in the Ottawa area. I only sell climbing roses that survive here without any winter protection.

The climbers I grow don’t require any special treatment for winter. Just leave them where they are for the winter and follow my general directions for rose care. Do not prune them heavily, and remember to tie them to the trellis for the winter so the wind doesn't bash them around.

Expect some dieback on the ends of the branches of your climbing roses if we have a very windy winter.

We grow a wide variety of hardy roses, but not every rose llsted on the site is always in stock.

To check for availability.... roses in stock

We sell plants from the farm location only: we do not ship plants.

Species Latin Description Width Height Zone Colour:
William Baffin Rosa ‘William Baffin’ (1993) These vibrant semi-double, deep pink flowers with showy golden stamens are held in huge clusters on stiff stems. The slightly fragrant flower bloom all summer long. It can be used as a tall hedge or a robust climber. The hardiest of climbers, it can be left unprotected on the trellis throughout winter. Highly disease resistant. 5-6’ 8 - 10’ 3 Pink
Henry Kelsey Rosa ‘Henry Kelsey’ (1976) A climber with semi-double deep red petals contrasting with golden yellow centers. It is moderately fragrant and a continuous bloomer. Highly resistant to powdery mildew. A very vigourous climber.
Use with John Cabot, another climber from the Explorer series of roses.
6’ 10’ 4 Red
John Davis Rosa ‘John Davis’ (1986) These bright pink semi-double flowers have a light, spicy fragrance and are displayed in clusters. Blooms profusely from June until frost. A strongly arching shrub shrub which can be trained as a climber or pillar rose. Disease resistant and extremely hardy.

After more than 25 years, this is still the most popular hardy climbing rose.

4’ 8-10’ 3 Pink
John Cabot Rosa ‘John Cabot’ (1978) A climbing rose with strong, arching stems. Its clusters of pinkish-red flowers are moderately fragrant and bloom continuously from summer until frost. When left as a shrub, it will reach a height of about 5-6’. Good resistance to both powdery mildew and black spot. 5-7’ 8-10’ 3 Red
Carmenetta Rosa ‘Carmenetta’ (Ag Can 1923 - R. glauca x R. rugosa) Large, star-shaped, single, pink flowers bloom in early summer. Lovely arching form with reddish foliage. Red stems add a touch of colour to the garden all year round. Vigorous and disease resistant.
Excellent choice where the garden needs an “arching” form of foliage.
4 - 5’ 6 - 8’ 2 Pink
Louis Jolliet Rosa ‘Louis Jolliet’ (1990) Fully double, medium pink flowers are produced in clusters and have a light spicy fragrance. The most flowers of any rose in the Explorer Series...and a continuous bloomer to boot! It’s trailing growth habit makes it easy to train as a climber or just leave it as a sprawling shrub. Very hardy and highly disease resistant. 4’ 5’ 3 Pink
Quadra Rosa ‘Quadra’ (1994) True, rich, deep dark red flowers bloom repeatedly throughout the season though most abundantly in early summer. These stunning flowers are large, doubled and are borne alone or in clusters of up to four. Its spreading growth habit can be trained to climb. Resistant to powdery mildew and blackspot. 4-5’ 5-6’ 4 Red
Captain Samuel Holland Rosa ‘Captain Samuel Holland’ (1990) A pillar-type rose, with an arching or trailing habit, which can be trained as a climber. Deep, pink-red, semi-double flowers are produced in clusters and bloom recurrently throughout the summer. Shiny mid-green leaves are resistant to black spot and powdery mildew. Very vigourous. 4-5’ 6’ 3 Pink
William Booth Rosa ‘William Booth’ (1999) The deep red, pointed buds open as single, rose-red blooms with bright golden stamens. The flowers are borne in clusters and have a light fragrance. This bush has a spreading or trailing growth habit which can be easily trained to climb or used instead as a groundcover. A lovely rambler, but I've only sold 3 since 2003, so I no longer carry it. 9’ 3’ 4 Red
Rosarium Uetersen This rose has an enormous number of deep rose-pink flowers, some borne singly and some in great clusters. The growth is quite vigorous, and the leaves are large, glossy and plentiful. Disease-resistant. Sweet apple fragrance. Flowers average 4” diameter.
Ueteresen was named after the famous rose garden in Germany.
6 - 10' 6' 4 Pink
Polestar (Polestjarnan) Rosa ‘Pole Star’ Pure white double flowers on a very vigourous climber. Blooms for about three weeks in mid-summer. Polestar can also be used as a groundcover. Do not prune heavily in spring: it flowers on old wood. Disease-resistant and very hardy, it is also known as White Star of Finland (and about six other names).
8’ 10’ 2 White
Ramblin' Red


A hardy climbing rose that needs no winter protection, Ramblin’ Red is an offspring of the Canadian Explorer climber “Henry Kelsey”. Deep red cupped flowers - similar to a hybrid tea shape - on a very vigourous plant. 9' 8' 4 Red
Alchymist Rosa ‘Alchymist’ An extremely vigorous, upright shrub with dense, glossy bronze-green foliage. Round buds open to large, very doubled cupped flowers that are extremely fragrant. The colour is an exquisite blend of pale yellow, apricot-orange and pink. It makes a good shrub or a short climber .Blooms in early summer, with occasional repeats later in summer. 5 - 6’ 5 - 6’ 4b Yellow
Red-leaf rose Rosa Rubrifolia A great rose for colour effects in all four seasons. Small clusters of single, cerise-pink flowers with a paler centre and golden stamens appear in late spring. Unusual grayish-purple leaves through the summer are followed by many spherical, orange-red rosehips in the fall. Vigorous, thornless, reddish-green arching stems. Very hardy. 6' 6' 2b pink
Sir Thomas Lipton Pure white fragrant flowers on a rambling rose. The plant is very vigourous, with dark leathery leaves, and it blooms from summer through fall. Requires winter protection to prevent branches from breaking in the wind. . 8' 3' 4 white
Felix Leclerc


Rosa ‘Felix Leclerc’ (2007) One of the first introductions of the new Canadian Artists series, commercially available in 2007. . Felix Leclerc is a climber with 4” pink semi-double flowers -- and it flowers all summer long. Very resistant to drought and blackspot. 6-9' 4' 4 pink
Cap Diamant

2008 Spicy fragrance on a hardy new rose. Grow as a climber or a spreading shrub. The double pink flowers will repeat in clusters all season.

A cross between two hardy Explorer roses: Marie-Victorin and Louis Joliet. Unusually strong fragrance for a rose derived from the Explorer series.
4-6' 4' 4 pink

1961? Flowers are a blend of light pink, cream, light green, and white, each showing about 25 petals -- a very unusual flower for a rugosa rose. Foliage is bright green. Resistant to disease, and very hardy. A repeat bloomer, it is most often treated as a large shrub rose, but it can also be used as a short climber.

This rose originated in Latvia. It was developed by the aunt of Andy Terauds, the owner of the local nursery, Acorn Creek Farms.
6' 6' 4 pink blend
Lucy Irene

2009 A natural "sport" of the Explorer rose William Baffin, this is a brand-new very hardy climbing rose. Discovered by Bob Osborne of Corn Hll Nursery in New Brunswick. Flowers are a soft, sem-double pink -- a great complement to the darker pink of William Baffin. 7' 4' 2 pink