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Hardy Shrub Roses

A selection of hardy shrub roses from around the world. "Shrub rose" is a generic term for thousands of different rose varieties, but they have a great variety in colour, size, and flowering habit. None of the roses listed here require winter protection.

We grow a wide variety of hardy roses, but not every rose llsted on the site is always in stock.

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Species Latin Description Width Height Zone
Minette Rosa alba “Minette” (1805) An old alba rose from 1805, Minette is very tough and long-lived. Double light-pink flowers that darken in the centre. Healthy foliage. Very fragrant. 3-4’ 2-3’ 3-4
Alchymist Rosa ‘Alchymist’ An extremely vigorous, upright shrub with dense, glossy bronze-green foliage. Round buds open to large, very doubled cupped flowers that are extremely fragrant. The colour is an exquisite blend of pale yellow, apricot-orange and pink. It makes a good shrub or a short climber. Most blooms are in early summer, with occasional repeats later in summer.. 5 - 6’ 5 - 6’ 3
All That Jazz Rosa ‘All That Jazz’ The large, semi-double blooms on this tall, upright shrub are a vibrant, coral-salmon colour and have a light, spicy fragrance. Blooms repeatedly and prolifically throughout the summer until late autumn. The foliage is a glossy dark green and disease resistant. Makes a great hedge or accent. 3’ 4’ 4
Carmenetta Rosa ‘Carmenetta’ (Ag Can 1923 - R. glauca x R. rugosa) Large, star-shaped, single, pink flowers bloom in early summer. Lovely arching form with reddish foliage. Red stems add a touch of colour to the garden all year round. Vigorous and disease resistant.
Excellent choice where the garden needs an “arching” form of foliage.
4 - 5’ 6 - 8’ 2
Chuckles Rosa ‘Chuckles’ Large, single, rose-pink flowers are produced in clusters all season long on a compact shrub. Compact hardy rose. 2’ 2’ 4
Cinnamon Rosa “Cinnaomon” This old rose was brought from France in the 1700’s and is still sometimes seen growing wild around old homesteads along the east coast. The flowers are small but very full. A nice spreading rose with excellent fragrance. 5’ 2’ 3
Dr. Merkley Rosa “Dr. Merkley” (1924) Developed in Canada from a Siberian parent rose. The blooms are deep pink and very double. The plant itself is very hardy and very dense in growth habits. Exceptionally hardy in the coldest locations. 2’ 2’ 2
Frulingsanfang Rosa ‘Frulingsanfang’ (German for ‘the begining of spring’) Large and very fragrant ivory flowers with showy stamens. Blooms profusely in early summer. Grows well in half a day of shade. A spinosissima hybrid with prickly branches. Large, maroon rosehips in the fall. Once established, use it as a natural trellis for a clematis. Winter hardy and disease resistant. 6 - 7’ 8 - 10’ 5
Golden Wings Rosa ‘Golden Wings’ Long pointed buds open into large, single sulphur-yellow, lightly fragrant blooms with showy stamens. Blooms in early summer but regular deadheading will encourage the shrub to bloom repeatedly. This spreading shrub is vigorous and dense with many prickly stems. 4.5’ 3.5 - 4’ 4
Grootendorst Supreme Rosa ‘Grootendorst Supreme’ Sometimes known as the “Carnation Rose”, it has clusters of dark red, double flowers with serrated petals which resemble small carnations. This is a very tough shrub rose with disease resistant, leathery leaves on very prickly stems. This continuous bloomer makes a good, informal privacy hedge. 4’ 5’ 3-4
Kakwa Rosa ‘Kakwa’ A spectacular show of white flowers in spring, Kakwa is one of the first roses to bloom each spring. Creamy white double flowers with a powerful fragrance. Kakwa also has an unusual feature: the rosehips are black. Developed in Alberta. 4’ 4’ 4-5
Michel Trudeau

NEW 2011

2010 Deep pink flowers with yellow stamens and white splashes in the centre. The undersides of the leaves are an unusual silver. The reddish-pink buds open to large, very fragrant flowers. A very hardy rugosa hybrid rose.

The 2010 introduction was made to commemorate Michel Trudeas, killed in an avalanche in 1998. Part of the royalties go to support the Canadian Avalance Foundation.

4' 3' 3
Souvenir de Philemon Cochet

NEW 2011

before 1900 An older rose developed in France before 1900. It is an offspring of Blance double de Coubert, and the flowers are double and pure white. The very fragrant flowers are huge and ruffled.

Like its parent, a very hardy shrub. Repeat flowers.

4' 4' 3
Polestar (Polestjarnan) Rosa ‘Pole Star’ Pure white double flowers on a very vigourous climber. Blooms for about three weeks in mid-summer. Polestar can also be used as a groundcover.
Do not prune heavily in spring: it flowers on old wood.
Disease-resistant and very hardy, it is also known as White Star of Finland (and about six other names).

8’ 10’ 2
Agnes Rosa rugosa ‘Agnes’ Light yellow, double flowers pale to a cream colour with age. The large, cupped flowers have a strong, fruity fragrance and blooms abundantly in early summer then intermittently to frost. Dark green leaves on upright stems of this compact shrub are disease resistant. Makes a great hedge. 4’ 5 - 6’ 4
Blanc Double de Coubert Rosa rugosa ‘Blanc Double de Coubert’ Large, semi-double, dazzling white flowers are very fragrant, even at night! A beautiful French rose that blooms repeatedly from early summer to frost. This tough, vigorous shrub has an upright, arching habit that makes an excellent hedge. Dark green, disease resistant foliage has excellent fall colour. Large, bright scarlet rosehips are produced in the fall. 4 - 5’ 4 - 6’ 3
Dart’s Dash Rosa rugosa ‘Dart’s Dash’ Large, semi-double, mauve-red flowers have a heavy, sweet perfume. Blooms repeatedly throughout the summer and produces an abundance of large, orange-red rosehips in the fall. The dark green foliage is disease resistant and turns bright orange in the fall. Very hardy. 3.5 - 4’ 3.5 - 4’ 2
F.J. Grootendoorst Rosa rugosa ‘F.J. Grootendoorst’ Large clusters of fringed, soft red flowers resembling small carnations bloom continuously from early summer to frost. Thick, dark green foliage on very thorny stems have excellent disease resistance. This coarse rose bush is vigorous and tough, able to withstand drought, poor soils, extreme cold, and partial shade. Makes a showy informal hedge. 4 - 5’ 5 - 6’ 3-4
Hansaland 1993 One of the few rugosa roses that is a true scarlet red. Semi-double flowers are 3" in diameter and are borne in clusters throughout the season. The glossy foliage is resistant to disease. 4' 4' 4
Fimbriata Rosa rugosa ‘Frimbriata’ Frilly, pale pink flowers have a powerful fragrance. A profusion of these charming, little flowers bloom almost continuously throughout the season. This dense shrub has bright green foliage that turns bright orange in the fall. Makes an excellent hedge. 3.5 - 4’ 3.5 - 4’ 3
Hansa Rosa rugosa ‘Hansa’ Large, double blooms with crinkled petals, are a fuchsia-mauve colour and have a strong, clove-like fragrance. Blooms repeatedly through the summer followed by large, deep orange-red rose hips in the fall. This is a very tough shrub with disease resistant rugosa foliage. This upright shrub has arching branches and makes an excellent hedge. Rejuvenate in spring. 6’ 5’ 3
Jessica Lauren Rosa rugosa ‘Jessica Lauren’ Large, single blush-pink flowers are highly fragrant and bloom repeatedly all summer and into the fall when they are followed by big, orange-red rosehips. This vigorous shrub makes an excellent hedge. The typical rugosa foliage is healthy and hardy with exceptional fall colour. 6’ 6’ 4
Pink Grootendorst Rosa rugosa ‘Pink Grootendoorst’ Clusters of many rose-pink, double flowers resembling small carnations are borne continuously through the summer and into fall. This prickly shrub can be combined with F.J Grootendoorst or Grootendorst Supreme for a colourful hedge. An arrangement of cut Grootendorst flowers will last many days. A very tough and healthy shrub. 4-5’ 4-5’ 3-4
Roseraie de l’Hay Rosa rugosa ‘Roseraie de l’Hay’ Possibly the most popular of the Rugosa roses, this well-rounded shrub produces semi-double flowers of a rich crimson-purple colour with golden stamens. The highly fragrant flower bloom repeatedly from summer to autumn. Vigorous and dense, this shrub makes an excellent hedge. One of the few rugosa roses that does not produce rosehips. 5 - 6’ 6 - 7’ 4
Polareis Flowers are a blend of light pink, cream, light green, and white, each showing about 25 petals -- a very unusual flower for a rugosa rose. Foliage is bright green. Resistant to disease, and very hardy. A repeat bloomer, it is most often treated as a large shrub rose, but it can also be used as a short climber.

This rose originated in Russia or Latvia -- no-one seems to know for sure!
6' 6' 4
Scabrosa Rosa rugosa ‘Scabrosa’ (1950) A repeat blooming rose with unusual and large magenta flowers. Higly fragrant. The rose hips in the fall are huge. Considered one of the best rugosa roses. 5’ 6’ 3
The Hunter Rosa rugosa ‘The Hunter’ syn. R. ‘Hunter’ A rugosa hybrid bearing clusters of large, faintly fragrant, bright crimson double flowers. Blooms in waves from summer until frost. A vigorous tidy and bushy shrub with shiny, dark green leaves. An excellent hedge rose that will tolerate some shade. 3’ 4’ 4
Thérèse Bugnet Rosa rugosa ‘Therese Bugnet’ Dark red rosebuds open to large, rose-pink, double flowers that are ruffled and sweetly fragrant. Blooms repeatedly until the first hard frost. The stems are red and are almost thornless on the flower stalks. Blooms on old wood so prune after first flush of flowers. Grey-green foliage turns orange and scarlet in the fall with orange rosehips. Tolerant of harsh conditions. 4’ 5-6’ 3
Topaz Jewel Rosa rugosa ‘Topaz Jewel’ Clusters of large, sunny yellow double flowers open to show off gold stamens and then fade to a creamy primrose with age. These flowers have a sweet, fruity fragrance and bloom repeatedly until frost. Dark green, disease resistant foliage. Plant it in a site where it is easy to cover with snow all winter. Topaz Jewel needs a couple of years to become fully established.
3’ 3’ 4
Seafoam Rose Rosa ‘Seafoam’ A low growing rose bearing clusters of small, white to cream double flowers on glossy dark green foliage. Blooms repeatedly through the summer. A very vigorous trailing shrub that makes an attractive groundcover. 4 - 5’ 3’ 4
Double Scotch White Rosa spinossisama “Double Scotch White’ Developed from the Scottish rose, this rose has a dense mounding shape with healthy foliage. The flowers are small and white but cover the bush in late spring. Very fragrant.

Double Scotch Cream Rosa spinossisama‘Double Scotch Cream’ Developed from the native Scottish rose, this rose has a dense mounding shape with healthy foliage. The flowers are small and cream-coloured and cover the bush in late spring. Very fragrant.

Survivor Rosa ‘Survivor’ (1975) Semi-double deep red flowers with a very long blooming season. Developed in Ottawa . Survivor should be cut back every spring to keep the shub compact. Very hardy and disease resistant. 4’ 5’ 3
The Fairy Rosa ‘The Fairy’ Dainty sprays of small, rosette shaped flowers are produced continuously and in profusion all over a dense, spreading bush from summer to autumn. The flowers are a beautiful, even rose-pink. It can be used as a groundcover, trailing over a low wall, in a container, or for a bank planting. This Polyantha rose is vigorous and has shiny bright green, disease resistant leaves. 2 - 3’ 2 - 3’ 4

NEW 2010

Rosa ‘Scharlachglut’ Huge scarlet flowers on a large shrub. The bright glwoing flowers are up to 5" in diameter with bright yellow centers. It has some ofthe largest rose blossoms in the world. It only blooms in the spring, but is a stunning addition to any garden. 5’ 7’ 4
Harrison’s Yellow Rose Rosa x harisonii ‘Harison’s Yellow’ Cupped, bright yellow, semi-double flowers make a spectacular show in late spring. Long, delicately arching branches have many thorns and fern-like leaves. Blackish-red, bristly oval rosehips are produced in the fall. This very hardy rose spreads by suckers and can be used as a hedge. Also known as the “Yellow Rose of Texas”. 4’ 6’ 4
Harrison's Salmon Flowers are an orange-pink blend on a large bush. This rose is an offspring of Harrison's Yellow, Deveoped on the Canadian Prairies in 1929. Very hardy. 6' 4' 3
Marie Bugnet Rosa x rugosa ‘Marie Bugnet’ Double, snowy-white flowers have a heavy fragrance and look sharp against the olive-green leaves on reddish stems. It is one of the first roses to bloom in the spring and continues to blooms in waves throughout the summer. Its compact size makes it ideal for a low hedge. Unlike most rugosa hybrids, Marie Bugnet does not form rosehips. 3 - 4’ 3 - 4’ 3
Wasagaming 1939 A medium-pink flower, very full and very fragrant. The shrub is disease resistant and quite large.

Developed in Manitoba in the 1930’s, this is a very hardy rose.
6' 6' 3

NEW 2011

2011 Semi-double flowers open to a rich pink, with an inch of yellow stamens. Flowers have a strong clove fragrance.

Bushy upright habit and repeats flowers all summer.

4' 4' 4

NEW 2011

2011 An unique new rose wit a purple "tone" behind the matte green leaves. A compact rugosa hybrid. Deep pink flower buds open to a medium purple-pink, fragrant, double flower. 4' 4' 3