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Native and species roses

Native and species roses from around the world. Not always the showiest of roses, these are nonetheless exceptionally hardy and are great for naturalizing. They bloom in June and July.

We grow a wide variety of hardy roses, but not every rose llsted on the site is always in stock.

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Species Latin Description Width Height Zone
Virginiana Rose Rosa virginiana syn. R. lucida A hardy Canadian native, this shrub produces pinkish-purple flowers with yellow centres in early summer. The cupped single blooms are borne singly or in clusters of up to 8 and are followed by spherical, ruby-red hips in autumn. Glossy green foliage turns orange-red in the fall. 4-5’ 3-5’ 3
Arctic Flame Rose Rosa acicularis A Canadian native rose with fragrant, semi-double, rose-pink flowers which bloom in early summer with attractive rosehips in the fall. Vigourous upright form with reddish stems. Makes a nice backdrop to a bed of annuals or perennials. 4’ 5’ 3
Red-leaf Rose Rosa glauca syn. R. rubrifolia A great rose for colour effects in all four seasons. Small clusters of single, cerise-pink flowers with a paler centre and golden stamens appear in late spring. Unusual grayish-purple leaves through the summer are followed by many spherical, orange-red rosehips in the fall. Vigorous, thornless, reddish-green arching stems. Very hardy. 5-6’ 4-6’ 4
Smooth Wild Rose Rosa blanda A native wild rose with fragrant pink flowers and very few thorns. An excellent choice for hedges and thickets. Very hardy even in the worst winters. 4’ 4’ 2
White Rugosa Rose Rosa rugosa alba A spring-flowering white rose that’s excellent for hedges. Fragrant and very hardy. Mix with the red rugosa for a lovely effect. Exceptionally hardy. 3-4’ 3-4’ 2
Red Rugosa Rose Rosa rugosa rubra A spring-flowering reddish-pink rose that’s excellent for hedges. Fragrant and very hardy. Mix with the white rugosa for a lovely effect. 3-4’ 3-4’ 2