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Parkland (Morden) Roses

Another exceptional series of hardy Canadian roses, developed by the Morden Research Station in southern Manitoba. All are very very hardy, and they have some really unusual blooms.

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Species Latin Description Width Height Zone
Adelaide Hoodless Rosa x ‘Adelaide Hoodless’ (1973) Bright red, slightly fragrant, semi-double flowers are borne in large clusters of up to 25 all summer and fall. Red rosehips in the fall. Dark, glossy green foliage is disease resistant.

This rose was named after Adelaide Hoodless, the founder of the Women’s Institute.
5-6’ 5-6’ 2
Cuthbert Grant Rosa x ‘Cuthbert Grant’ (1967) Large, semi-double, velvety, dark crimson flowers have a light fragrance and are borne in clusters of three to six repeatedly throughout the summer. Glossy foliage on an upright, vigorous shrub has excellent resistance to blackspot and powdery mildew. 3-4’ 3-4’ 3
Hope for Humanity Rosa x ‘Hope for Humanity’ Intense, dark red, double flowers are as close to a true “blood red” colour as you can get. A low-growing everblooming rose.
Developed by the Morden, Manitoba research station for the 100th Anniversary of the Canadian Red Cross.
2 - 3’ 2 - 4’ 3b
Morden Amorette Rosa x ‘Morden Amorette’ (1977) Fully doubled and lightly fragrant carmine-red flowers are everblooming on this compact, semi-dwarf shrub. A good number of red rosehips are produced in fall and persist through the winter. Good resistance to powdery mildew and rust. Ideal for growing in patio pots.
1-2’ 1-2’ 3
Morden Belle (2004) Rose x "Morden Belle" A new 2004 introduction from the Parkland (Morden) series. Double pink, tons of flowers all summer. Foliage is a dark glossy green. Resistant to powdery mildew and rust. 3' 3' 3
Morden Blush Rosa x ‘Morden Blush’ (1988) Fully double, softly scented ivory flowers open with a blush centre which gradually fades to a soft ivory. Blooms continuously and profusely from June to frost with up to five flowers per cluster. Dark green leaves have good resistance to both powdery mildew and blackspot. With great heat and drought tolerance once established, it survives the toughest locations. 2-3’ 2-3’ 2
Morden Cardinette Rosa x ‘Morden Cardinette’ (1980) Large, double, cardinal red flowers adorn this dwarf shrub either singly or in clusters of up to five or sometimes larger. The cupped, lightly fragrant flowers bloom continuously all summer. The medium green leaves are highly resistant to rust. Makes an excellent patio pot rose, but don’t forget to plant it in the garden in the fall!
2 - 2.5’ 2 - 2.5’ 3
Morden Centennial Rosa x ‘Morden Centennial’ (1980) Large, double, medium pink flowers have a light sweet scent and appear alone or in clusters of up to 15. Flowers repeatedly throughout the summer. Red rosehips are produced in the fall and persist throughout the winter. Good resistance to powdery mildew and rust. Prune back in early spring for a bushier plant and more flowers. 3-4’ 4-5’ 2
Morden Fireglow Rosa x ‘Morden Fireglow’ (1989) These unusually coloured, lightly fragrant, double flowers are orange-red on the insides and flaming scarlet on the undersides. Blooms repeatedly from early summer to frost on an upright bushy plant which resembles a hybrid tea rose. Dark green foliage is resistant to powdery mildew and rust.
2 - 3’ 3 - 3.5’ 3
Morden Ruby Rosa x ‘Morden Ruby’ (1977) These flowers are a dark, ruby-red freckled with splashes of a deeper red. Masses of long-lasting flowers cover this vigorous shrub. A repeat bloomer that blooms most profusely in early and late summer. This rose is a relative of Adelaide Hoodless but has improved resistance to blackspot and mildew. 3 - 3.5’ 3 - 3.5’ 3
Morden Snow Beauty Rosa x ‘Morden Snowbeauty’ (1999) Clusters of lightly fragrant, semi-double white flowers bloom continuously amid shiny, dark green foliage. This low-growing shrub is highly resistant to blackspot and powdery mildew. 3.5’ 2.5’ 3
Morden Sunrise Rosa x ‘Morden Sunrise’ (2000) A brand-new introduction from the Morden Research Station in Manitoba...and the only yellow rose in the Parkland series. Yellow flowers with a hint of pink look just like the sky at sunrise! 4' 4' 3
Prairie Celebration Rosa ‘Prairie Celebration' (2003) The single flowers are a vibrant dark pink/red. The leaves are a very dark green, but new foliage has a purple tinge. Good disease resistance in a Prairie-hardy rose. A fast-growing rose.

The most recent introduction (2003) from the Parkland series of Canadian roses. One of the few Parkland roses with single flowers.
5’ 2' 3
Prairie Joy Rosa x ‘Prairie Joy’ (1990) Medium pink, double flowers appear in clusters continuously throughout the summer. This dense shrub has an arching form and makes an excellent hedge. Very resistant to rust, powdery mildew, and black spot.
For a dense rose hedge, this is the perfect plant: cut back to 6”-12” each year until the hedge is established.
4’ 4.5’ 2
Rheinaupark Rosa x ‘Rheinaupark’ (1983) Medium to dark red, double flowers on beautiful, glossy dark green leaves. Unusual wrinkled leaves and thorny stems. Slightly fragrant. Extremely hardy. 4’ 6’ 4
Winnipeg Parks Rosa x ‘Winnipeg Parks’ (1991) Large, double flowers open cherry-red and then fade to dark pinkish-red with dark pink on the undersides. Blooms continuously in lightly fragrant clusters on a low, dense bush. Good resistance to powdery mildew and rust. In cool weather and in fall, the foliage develops a reddish tinge. Extremely hardy. 2’ 2’ 3
Prairie Snowdrift 2011 NEW Pure white bloom, like a snowdrift in summer. A genetic sport of the all-time favourite, Morden Blush. 2' 2'