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Photo taken on the set of The Psychic World of Garnet Clayton The Psychic World of Garnet Clayton

While working as a Construction Manager in the Petro-Chemical Industry
I developed the ideas for a Television Series which would be named,
"The Psychic World of Garnet Clayton"

The program was designed to acquaint the viewers with information on the paranormal featuring special guests and their particular abilities. Guests were invited to speak and demonstrate their area of expertise such as: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Therapeutic Touch, Healing, Reflexology, Acupuncture, Hypnotherapy, Astral Travelling, Automatic Writing, Mediumship, Trance, Palmistry, Telepathy, Astrology, Apports, and much more.

Garnet Clayton with guest Reverend Vicki Kerr The program series featured a "call-in" period where viewers could discuss any questions with my featured guests. In the next time slot, I would open the phone lines to give viewers quick on-the-spot psychic readings. Many times our program extended from its planned one-hour show to one and a half hours.

Subsequently I developed a psychic developing class meeting weekly to discuss and train individuals in the above subjects in Sarnia, Ontario and Port Huron, Michigan. As time went on, I was asked to prepare lecture materials for Lambton College, Sarnia High School, other Spiritualist Churches, businesses and private organizations. They would all contact me for psychic demonstrations from Windsor to Owen Sound, Ontario; west in the U.S.A. to Wisconsin; south to Florida, Mexico and Jamaica; north to Owen Sound, Ontario; and east to Kitchener, Brantford, Hamilton, Toronto, Oshawa, Kingston, and Brockville, Ontario, Canada.

During my stay in Sarnia, I was featured in the Sarnia Observer as well as my employer's monthly magazine. Gradually, knowledge of my psychic readings were spread by word of mouth. People from all parts of Canada and the USA were contacting me for readings.

Example of the schedule for The World of Garnet Clayton:
A Sarnia TV6 Presentation
April 1 - 7:30Open Line - Question the Psychic
April 15 - 6:30Open Line - Meet the Psychic
April 22 - 6:30Psychic - Healing - Spiritual Healing - Faith Healing Absent Healing, Guests: Becky Leaver -Wally Curtis
April 27 - 6:30Holistic Approach to Healing with Dr. McSherry, Rev. Austin
May 6 - 6:30 Death & Dying, Guests: Sister St. John - Don Fowlie
May 13 - 6:30 Accupuncture - Accupressure, Guest: Dr. Jumean
May 20 - 6:30 Hypnotherapy in Healing - Enhancing your Potential Psychic Abilities, Dr. Mason
May 27 - 6:30 Altered States of Consciousness Meditation Auras, Edgar Cayce, Bea McFadden
June 3 - 6:30 Electronic Voice Phenomenon - (Voice of the Dead)
June 10 - 6:30 Trance States, Mediums/Psychics, Sensitive, Clairvoyance,Psychic Readings
June 17 - 6:30Dream Analysis, Precognition
June 24 - 6:30Pyramid Power
July 1 - 6:30Reincarnation, Regression, Auto Suggestion
July 8 - 6:30Dowsing
July 14 - 6:30 Astral Travel, O.O.B.'s, Bi-Location
July 27 - 6:30 Automatic Writing and Ouija Boards
Aug. 5 - 6:30Ghosts & Haunting, Poltergeists
Aug. 12 - 6:30 Psychokinesis and Levitation
Aug. 19 - 6:30Materialization - Apports & Sťances

"Morning Break" TV Program in London, Ontario, Canada

Garnet joins Dick Swan and Carol Campbell on CFPL Morning Break TV Show in London, Ontario, Canada

Garent went on to become a favourite guest on many TV shows.

In this photo, Garent talks with hosts Dick Swan and Carol Campbell of "Morning Break" in London, Ontario. Garnet filled them in on his life as a psychic and medium and the differences between the two: a psychic deals with the events of the person they are giving the reading to, a medium has the ability to talk to spirits that have crossed over to the other side.

Being both a psychic and a medium makes Garnet a good guest/host for TV programs and shows.

Psychic Reading Station CKNX Wingham,
in Ontario, Canada.

Garnet Clayton During a radio broadcast of CKNX Wingham, where I was billed as the, "Resident Psychic" a lady called in with (her voice seemed to have a trembling sound) and asked a question relating to her employment. I responded very quickly saying that the situation would clear up to her satisfaction within two weeks and that everything was being looked after. Several other questions were asked of a general nature and my replies seemed to satisfy the lady.

I had forgotten the incident in the following months and was surprised when I received a telephone call from a lady identifying herself as the person to whom I had spoken during the CKNX broadcast several months before. She was in high spirits, pardon the pun, and set up an appointment for the following week.

Drawing of Garnet Clayton The lady, whom I will call Joanne, was in a mild state of agitation when entering my office so we proceeded to talk of general matters such as the weather and the sun, which was just breaking through the overcast sky, setting her at ease prior to the reading. Before the reading started Joanne burst out with,"You will never believe what has happened since I last spoke with you". She then proceeded to tell me the difficulty she had faced in her employment as a senior manager of a large company. In essence two associate senior managers where attempting to discredit her and eliminate her position. Life was so unbearable that she was considering leaving the company and was about to make that decision when she idly turned on the radio to CKNX and listened to the messages being given during the Psychic program. In her distress she felt compelled to call in hoping to find a solution to her problem.

Surprisingly she was able to reach the station switchboard, which had been inundated with over 50 calls in the hour-long broadcast. Joanne said that at the moment I answered her question she immediately felt a sense of peace and assurance that the situation would be resolved. The end of the story? The company was downsizing and over 35 middle managers were let go with the result that one of the problem managers was transferred to another position and the other ended his employment the following week. Several days later Joanne was interviewed by her Division Head and asked to accept the responsibility of preparing a restructuring program and to head up the program with the promise of increased salary benefits.

Newspaper Articles

Garnet's photo from the Lifestyles newpaper article. Many newspaper articles have been written about Garnet over the years since his life is an interesting tale of twists and turns of events.

Born in a strict and religious family proved to be a obstacle for Garnet's spiritual growth as a psychic/medium, however, the changes that drove his life into the spiritual realm proved to rival that of a well written fiction novel.

Facts often turn out to be much more interesting then fiction. The fact is, Garnet Clayton has lived an out of the ordinary existence.

Garnet in 2003 Reporters have to listen hard to catch and record the vast experience, talent and knowledge this man has acquired over the years. Garnet has been an Army man, Ordained Minister/Chaplin, Religious Director, a Healer, Mechanical Engineer, Vice-President & General Manager, Reactor Superintendent, Project Manager/Superintendent, Teacher/Instructor, Lecturer, Student, T.V. Host, Radio Host, Real-Estate Agent, Member of the Toronto Metropolitan Suicide Bureau, Counsellor, Ultra-Light Pilot, Gardener, and amazing works with Stained Glass.
And that is only to name a few.

He is also a successful father of six children, grandfather of five, an avid reader, a world traveller - all this along with his work as a psychic and medium.

Some Fast Facts about Garnet

Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
Host of Television Series, The Psychic World of Garnet Clayton
Lecturer of Parapsychology at Lambton College
Guest Speaker at Sarnia High Schools
Real Estate Agent, Lambton College

Midland, Ontario, Canada
Minister to Midland Protestant Church
Weekly Radio Broadcast from Station CICZ
Instructor of Religious Education, Public and High Schools

Penetanguishene, Ontario, Canada
Director of Religious Education, Regional Hospital
Chaplain for the Oakridges Division for the Criminally Insane

Wingham, Ontario, Canada
Wingham's CKNX Television Station, (Former) Resident Psychic

Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Lecturer Parapsychology University of Guelph, Conestoga College

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Minister of Davenport road Church
Member of the Metro Toronto Suicide Bureau

London, Ontario, Canada
Guest Appearances on London's CFPL "Morning Break"
Lecturer, Parapsychology, University of Western Ontario
Avid Gardener, donates hundreds of plants yearly to Local Hospitals

Garrnet pilots his Ultra Light Plane in Reeces Corners in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. Ontario, Canada
Canadian Armed Forces in the Infantry Corps, stationed in Chatham and Ipperwash, advanced training as Infantry Instructor
Guest speaker for business men and woman groups throughout Ontario.
Stain Glass Artist, many works throughout Ontario
Accomplished Ultra Light Pilot

Mechanical Engineer, Construction and Project Manager, Vice President and General Manager. With travels to: Canada, U.S.A., England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Canary Islands, Jamaica, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Japan, Cyprus, Mexico