Glassford Genealogical Records
One of the most difficult thing in tracing a family  (unless you happen to be a peerage family) is finding all the records you need. The Glassford Family is perhaps luckier than most as we have had members interested in tracking the family for at least almost 200 years. William Glassford of  Glasgow Scotland was born about 1785 and died after 1834 , was not only a teacher but also a scriptor and genealogist. In 1834, William published and sent copies to all the known lines of the family at the time, a chart showing the linage of all the Glassford's that he was able to track down and verify. This chart includes  information on many Glassfords with some of  their spouses and their children, in addition, it included the story of the family's connection to Robert the Bruce (Robert I of Scotland). Copies of this chart are known to exist throughout Canada and the USA as well as in Australia with expansion of its information related to specific family lines.

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