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By Gary Ernest Glassford; son of George William; son of George Ernest; son of George; son of William Boyd; son of James;

son of Robert; son of George; son of James; son of James; son of James  


This site traces family roots and branches from 1623 in Scotland to present day with individual trees and forests living in the British Isles, Canada, United States, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere in the world


I have also tried to ensure that all typo-graphical mistakes are eliminated, however, the actual data is only as accurate as the input that I have received and the spelling of names as well as the commonly used names versus the “official” name varies with the source and author. Should you find an error, omission, more exact data concerning commonly used or official names, new branches or additions to existing branches in my database.

The information on this site and more is available in book format as “The Glassford Family Journey 2nd edition 2010/11 (the 1st was published in 1997), a copy can be obtained by sending me an e-mail at the cost depends on availability copies and shipping/mailing cost but is generally less than $75.00 within Canada and he Continental USA.




The Glassford's are an old family that has many lines and connections with as many stories and "legends" as there are people. The spelling of the family name as well as where its located has changed and reappeared many times. My primary data relates to a line of Glassford's that originated in Scotland and can be traced to 1623, but I would invites all relatives of the Glassford to contact me so that the database may be expanded to include all branches.


This site's purpose is to provide a living tool for family research into the Glassford family, which will last as long as there is interest in the family or the branches cease to grow.


I am continually adding information to all lines depending on the data that I receive or find and invite all whom are interested in adding components to do so by contacting me. In producing some of the reports, the dates related to living individuals have been removed for privacy protection purposes.


Site Outline


o        Genealogical Stories

o        Name/Origin of the Family

o        Emigration

         My Line James Glassford 1781 Greenock

         Rev. Peter Glassford

         UEL and other Lines

         20th Century Emigration to Canada

         20th Century Emigration to Australia

o        Canadian Expansion

         Kingston Ontario

         British Columbia

         The Canadian Parries

         Historical References

o        Glass and Clan Connections

o        Coats of Arms & Crests

o        The Tobacco Lord

o        Parish of Glassford

o        Scottish Cities and Towns related to Glassford


o        Common Names

o        Life Span of the Family

o        Family Size

         Glassford and their lines (data is shown for the period of 1623 to 1930 only due to privacy concerns)


If you have any questions, concerns about the information contained on this site, wish to provide or obtain additional information I invite you to contact me Gary Ernest Glassford. at