What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese term for "Universal Life Energy". Reiki as a Healing Modality can be traced back to Buddhist teachings as early as 630 B.C. It is a method of natural healing that utilizes the laying-on-of-hands approach to channel Healing Energy through the practitioner to the willing recipient. Distant or Remote Healing is also used in cases where physical contact is inappropriate or a full hands on treatment is not possible. This technique is very effective with animals whose conscious mind is unable to voice their needs.

How can Reiki help?

Reiki can relieve discomfort, relieve stress by relaxing the receiver, and balance the individual's energy centres (Chakras) and Auric Field. Emotional calming occurs. Reiki enhances recovery from trauma by reprogramming the negative emotional and mental energies surrounding the incident. In many instances of debilitating or life threatening disease, Reiki has been used successfully. Older pets or those suffering with chronic discomfort benefit greatly from Reiki since their bodies tend to be always struggling to maintain optimal energy levels.

Carolyn has achieved the level of Reiki Master and is able to work with you to achieve wellness for the whole family.

Re-printed and adapted with thanks from The Reiki Healing Centre, Tottenham, Ontario, Canada

Carolyn has trained with Internationally known Animal Intuitive, Lynn McKenzie and Internationally known Reiki Master and Teacher, Chris Jefferson

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