Dr. Eva Kaplan, J.D., N.P.O.

Toronto, Ontario C A N A D A

Dr. Eva Kaplan, J.D., N.P.O.
K.L.O. Notary Public-Solicitor | Director, GCIO
Tel.& voicemail (Mon-Fri 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.): 416-593-6012

Me. Eva Kaplan, J.D., N.P.O.
K.L.O. Notaire Publique-Avocate | Directrice, EGFA
Téléphone et boîte vocale (Lundi-Vend. 09h - 18h): 416-593-6012

NOTICE: KLO Notary moved from 27 Carlton St. on November 30, 2014. The building owner has not removed the KLO sign from the building's front windows and lobby.

Les bureaux de KLO Notaire ne sont plus au 27, rue Carlton depuis le 30 novembre 2014. Les propriétaires de l'immeuble n'ont pas enlevé le panneau de KLO Notary du foyer.


For start-up's, small, medium and large corporations:

- Corporate-commercial solicitor, general counsel, and Corporate Secretary

- Contract Manager, Contract Administrator

I am able to use my education and experience to help your business achieve efficiencies in management, service delivery and reduction in costs, through contractual relationships, inter-departmental knowledge management,and external supply-chain management.

I am available to render services at your workplace, by telephone, and by email.

For further information, please leave a message at 416-593-6012 and I will return your call.


My mission is:

- to apply all aspects of my education and experience in law, business and international diplomatic relations

- in a strongly results oriented manner to further the best interests of my clients

- while contributing directly to efficiencies in management, service delivery and reduction in costs

- through thought-leadership and legally enforceable contractual relationships.


I am committed to remaining true to a life-time of core values:

Integrity - acting with integrity built on a foundation of respect for the laws of Canada; pursuing relationships of respect, honesty and truth; and educating against unethical, criminal and illegal activities.

Quality - delivering quality services for money paid, and conducting quality assessment and quality control of customers' processes and procedures.

Value - delivering value for money paid, providing innovative problem-solving solutions and nimble responses to changing circumstances.

Reciprocity - pursuing mutually beneficial results from each professional relationship.


Information Technology, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Broadcast, Finance, Insurance
AREAS OF LAW contract, commercial, corporate, intellectual property rights, employment, Wills & Estates, family matters
LANGUAGES English, French, Spanish
SKILLS - Fluently bilingual English/French, translate documents
- Bookkeeping, GAAP
- Notary Public, Commissioner for Taking Oaths
- MS Professional Office Suite including MS Word, MS Excel
- Internet, Email, Sharepoint


It is my pleasure to engage in deliberate acts of kindness and to provide philanthropic support to:
The Scott Mission, 502 Spadina Avenue, Toronto CANADA (Tel.: 416-923-2400), a Christian ministry offering compassion and caring through a wide variety of programs and services; and
The College Street United Church, 454 College Street, Toronto CANADA (Tel.: 416-929-3019), established at the north-west corner of College and Bathurst Streets since 1884.

K.L.O. NOTARY™ | Notary Public-Solicitor Notaire Publique-Avocate
Pour obtenir davantage de renseignements, veuillez laisser un message au 416-593-6012 et nous vous rappellerons.
Bilingual English French Services bilingues Français Anglais Spanish Español
Notarized certified translation* true copy Traduction certifiée* copie certifiée Traducción jurada* copia certificada

GLOBAL COTTAGE INDUSTRIES Org. (GCIO) offers professional counselling and mentorship programs.

GCIO was established in 2000 and is a locally owned and operated organization with a mission to promote and
make quality goods and services of an entrepreneurial nature available to the general public.

GCIO and Dr. Kaplan offer professional counselling and mentorship for start-up businesses, businesses in expansion, entrepreneurs, sole proprietors,
and artists.
For information, please call Evelyn at GCIO: 416-593-6012.

Organization des Entreprises Globales Familiales et Artisanales (EGFA)
EGFA et Me. Kaplan offrent des conseils professionels et pratiques aux entrepreneurs et aux entreprises débutantes ou en progression.
Pour obtenir davantage de renseignements, veuillez appeler Evelyn au EGFA: 416-593-6012.


A) GENERAL: Biography, Service Area, Qualifications,and
Experience (Services en Français)
B) CONTACT US: Telephone and Voicemail Information
1) Legal Services & Business Affairs
þ Corporate - Commercial - Business Law - Contracts
þ Information Technology Contracts (IS/IT)
þ Family Matters - Domestic Contracts - Uncontested Divorce
þ Wills & Estates
þ Legal Documents for Every Day Events

3) Tips and the Law
1. Reasons to Make a Contract
2. Invitation Letter - Process & Procedures
3. Consent Letter Travelling Child - Process & Procedures
2) Notary Public-Bilingual | Notaire Publique-Francophone
1. Notary Public for domestic, inter-provincial, international matters
2. Notarized | Certified Translations: English, French, Spanish

TRANSLATIONS meet the requirements of the Government of Canada.
TRADUCTIONS conforment aux exigences du gouvernement Canadien.

4) Professional Services * Business Mentoring
Global Cottage Industries Org.™ (GCIO): professional counselling and mentorship for start-up businesses, etc.
Bilingual Services
Entreprises Globales Familiales et Artisanales (EGFA): conseils pour petites entreprises, &c.
Services en Français

(A) GENERAL: Biography, Service Area, Qualifications, Experience
BUSINESS-MINDED LAWYER / Avocate Droit des Affaires
Dr. Eva Kaplan emigrated from Canada to attend university in Paris, France. After attending the Université de la Sorbonne-Paris, Dr. Kaplan began her career in corporate-commercial law, international business transactions, and negotiation & mediation at CBS Inc.'s Law Department, European Headquarters, Paris, France.

In 1993, Dr. Kaplan continued her career as a lawyer in Toronto after graduating from Osgoode Hall Law School with a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) and completing Articles of Clerkship at the Bay Street law firm of the former Chief Justice of Ontario, the Hon. Warren Winkler, as he was then.

In 2010, Dr. Kaplan was conferred a post-graduate Degree of Juris Doctor (J.D.) from Osgoode Hall Law School, Toronto. Law Society member since 1993.

Areas of Service

Industry Sectors

Local, trans-Canada, international: U.S.A. & overseas ( Serving over 1/3 of all the countries in the World ! )
individuals, entrepreneurs, artists, promoters, small business owners, medium to large corporations

Business, international commerce; broadcast; entertainment & music; finance; information technology; telecommunications; Purchase-sale-export: industrial / hydro-electric power generation equipment; manufacturing
BILINGUE FRANÇAIS / ANGLAIS - Bilingual French / English
Maître Kaplan offre des services juridiques et notaires en Français; préparation des documents juridiques ou commercials en Français pour utilisation aux pays francophones, et divers autres services. Pour plus de renseignements, téléphonez au 416-593-6012 et demandez Maître Kaplan.
- préparation des documents pour légalisation au Consulat de France à Toronto
- Reconnaissance de signature par notaire, en Français
- Procuration notariée
- Déclaration assermentée (Affidavit), Déclaration statutaire
- Déclaration capacité de mariage / citoyenneté
- Testament en Français
- Attestation de dévolution de la succession
- Décaration de Résidence
- Demande de rétablissement de nationalité
- Traduction certifiée avec Certificat de traduction notariée
- Lettre d'invitation
- Demande de visa de résidence temporaire, super visa
- Lettre de consentement à voyager pour enfant
NOTARY PUBLIC & COMMISSIONER FOR TAKING AFFIDAVITS / Notaire Publique & Commissionaire aux déclarations assermentées
Dr. Kaplan, a senior Lawyer, Commissioner for taking affidavits, and Notary Public since 1993, offers notarial services using precise legal procedures and form, stamps, and seals for a polished professional-looking and legally enforceable document tailored to meet your specific needs, and is especially suitable for use outside of Ontario: for example; for travel and inter-provincial or international transactions.

For: access to personalized and professional assistance in the heart of downtown Toronto.
Value added asssistance: Obtain a review of your application to ensure the documentation is in order.
No more returned applications due to missing information or lack of supporting documents. (See details below)
Education and experience enables Dr. Kaplan, Lawyer & Notary Public, to offer a wide range of professional and value-added assistance and legally binding instruments enforceable in a court of law.
You are not paying for the learning curve !

2010 - Degree Juris Doctor (J.D.), Osgoode Hall Law School, Toronto
2002 - Certificate of Advanced Negotiation & Mediation, Osgoode Hall Law School, Toronto
2001 - Certificate of Negotiation & Mediation, Osgoode Hall Law School, Toronto
1993 - Notary Public and Commissioner for Taking Affidavits, Toronto
1993 - Barrister and Solicitor, Law Society of Upper Canada (Ontario) and the Ontario Court of Appeal
1992 - Articles of Clerkship, Winkler, Filion & Wakely LLP, Bay Street, Toronto
1991 - Degree Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.), Osgoode Hall Law School, Toronto
1988 - 1991 Osgoode Hall Law School, Toronto
1983 - Negotiator & Mediator, Droits de Travail, Paris

Contact Information

Dr. Eva Kaplan, J.D.
Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
Tel.: 416-593-6012
Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Subway: College

If your call is directed to voicemail and you wish to speak with Dr. Kaplan, you will need to leave a message stating:

1) your Name, 2) telephone number, and 3) the nature of your call.

Website: Google: Downtown Toronto Notary Eva Kaplan
For inquiries from outside of the Toronto area, Email: KLOToronto@ymail.com

VALUE ADDED ASSISTANCE - Dr. Kaplan's primary goal is to provide you or your company with professional and value-added assistance while protecting the confidentiality of your identity and your law-related matter using standards no less than those mandated by the Law Society of Upper Canada.

For further information or offerings not listed, please call 416-593-6012.
Bilingual Services: English / French | Services en Français.
BUSINESS OWNERS / ENTREPRENEURS / CONSULTANTS - Protect your proprietary rights
CONTRACT REVIEW: Before you sign, ensure the contract accurately reflects your agreement. Dr. Kaplan will review your agreement with you. You will be able to ask questions; receive an explanation of your rights and obligations, and the benefits and risks of signing the contract as it is written; receive a checklist of important items contained in the agreement; and learn of options for changes that should be made before signing the contract to protect you or to add value to your business relationship or commercial transaction.

CONTRACT PREPARATION: Dr. Kaplan will prepare custom-made agreements for your particular project or prepare master agreements for your growing business to use as precedents, using best-of-business practices and contracting principles including generally-accepted terms and conditions in compliance with North American industry standards, or to give effect to your specific instructions and needs.

INFORMATION SERVICES and INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AGREEMENTS (IS/IT): Obtain custom-made agreements for software development, licensing, conversion services, web-site development, purchase and sale of IS/IT, consulting services, contractor or support level services, etc.
BUSINESS OWNERS: Let Dr. Kaplan use her education and experience to help your business achieve efficiencies in management, service delivery and costs, through contractual relationships, inter-departmental knowledge management,and external supply-chain management.

MAIN AREAS OF EXPERIENCE: Information Technology, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Broadcast, Intellectual Property Rights.
Business Associations:

- incorporate your business ( Ontario or Federal incorporation );
- create a partnership;
- NUANS name search for business name registrations;
- organize or re-organize your business or management structure;
- ensure due diligence and establish contractual relationships with purchasers and suppliers;
- finance a business: share capitalizations ( purchase, sale, transfer of shares ).

Business Ventures: licensing of foreign corporation (extra-provincial licence); consortiums, joint ventures, strategic alliances, mergers.

Business Ownership and Investment: share capitalizations; unanimous shareholders' agreements, principal shareholders' agreements; stock option plans.

Commercial Transactions (international and domestic): Contract preparation or review and revision of terms and conditions; negotiation or mediation services.

Risk Management: Dr. Kaplan will assist you to implement your first line of defence to protect your intellectual property ownership and rights, confidential information, trade secrets, customer lists, and to limit liability through the preparation and use of legally enforceable contractual terms and conditions governing the exchange and use of your proprietary information.

Employer / Employee Relations: Use best-of-industry practices to manage your human resources and personnel records, or to hire employees or contractors.

Corporate Secretary: Update or create your corporation's Minute Book: registers, ledgers, financial statements; organize and record Board of Directors' and Shareholders' meetings, agendas, resolutions, minutes of meetings; share subscriptions, as required by the laws of Ontario and Canada.

Avoid government fines under the Business Corporations Act. Ensure your mandatory Corporate Records (minute book) and corporate filings are current.
POWER OF ATTORNEY for Property (continuing or limited) | POWER OF ATTORNEY for Personal Care

For: Pro-active planning in case of Accident or Medical Condition. Use legally binding powers of attorney to name and authorize your representative to carry out your financial or medical instructions at your bank or with your doctors.
Dr. Kaplan, J.D., Lawyer & Notary Public, may attend at local hospitals in the event of emergency or disability.
Fees: case by case based on legal complexities.


For: custom-made agreements, in compliance with the laws of Ontario and Canada, to meet your specific needs.
1. Co-habitation Agreement
2. Marriage Contract (aka Pre-nuptial Agreement)
3. Separation Agreement (aka Settlement Agreement)
Fees case-by-case based on legal complexities.


For: experienced professional, confidential, and personal services.
1. to prepare and file Joint or Uncontested divorce applications at Toronto's Superior Court of Justice-Family Division
2. to prepare, review, or edit your pleadings
Fees case-by-case based on legal complexities.
For pro-active estate planning, prepare a Will to give effect to your final wishes for the distribution of your assets and to give selected items to your chosen heirs.
A Will is also the place to name a guardian for minor children.

A Will must be prepared and signed using specific procedures, in order to be accepted as valid by the courts.

Obtain a correctly prepared Will in compliance with the laws of Ontario and Canada, including the mandatory Affidavit of Subscribing Witness which must be presented with the Will for probate.

Obtain legal advice and guidance in Estate Planning as part of the Will preparation process. Fees based on legal complexities.

1. Will and Affidavit - Personal Will | Professional Will.

2. Mirror Wills and Affidavits - each partner of the relationship bequeaths their estate to the other upon the same terms (aka Mutual | Spousal | Marital Wills); the second Will is offered at a discount if it is a "mirror" image of the first Will.

3. Will Review - review your "Will-kit" Will to confirm currency, to verify form, due execution, and witness statements ($50).

4. Living Will - set out in writing, the medical treatments to which you consent in case of accident.

5. International Will - for acceptance outside of Canada by convention countries.

6. Codicil to a Will - to make legally binding changes to your Will without having to make a new Will.

A duly executed Will remains in full force and effect even if the Testator becomes separated or divorced after the Will is made. However, a Will automatically becomes void if the Testator remarries.

It is important to review and revise a Will to keep it current, having regard, always, to the important legal and procedural steps which must be followed: including Testator capacity, and witnessing requirements and restrictions.
Dr. Kaplan will notarize or commission your legal documents, such as:

- Commercial: contracts for the purchase and sale of goods or services, leasing, licensing, franchise, etc.
- Financing: Debtor/Creditor Agreement, Loan Agreement
- Employment: Hiring, Termination, Releases, Assignment & Renunciation of Rights
- General Power of Attorney
- Limited Continuing Power of Attorney for Property
- Affidavits and Statutory Declarations, and more.



- Bilingual Notary Public | Notaire Bilingue Français
- Multilingual: French, English, Spanish, Other Languages
- Domestic and International Matters




Certified translation, certified true copy of the original document, and Certificate of Notarized Translation

Traduction certifiée, copie certifiée conforme au document original, et Certificat de traduction notariée

Traducción jurada, copia certificada conforme con el original, y Certificado de traducción notarial

Applying the standards of the law profession for accuracy in translation, preparation, and presentation.

Suitable for Government, Embassies, Consulates.


- Immigration, Permanent Residence application,
- university degrees, transcripts,
- identification documents, etc.
Fees from $55, taxes included (If documents are not your own, then Authorization Letter required from owner for you to act on their behalf.)


- Affidavits: Subscribing Witness, Proof of Loss-insurance claim, OSAP, common-law status
- Statutory Declarations: Form A-Land Transfers, lost passport, inheritance documents, share transfers
- Applications: divorce, name change, medical licensing examinations, nursing board examinations
- Immigration: primary sponsorship, secondary sponsorship
Fees $55, taxes included (Identification and proof of address required.)

NOTARIZE SIGNATURE OF DOCUMENTS (certify identity and witness signature)

- Invitation Letter to visit Canada (sample, see Part 3 - Tips & the Law)
- Consent Letter for Travelling Child (sample, see Part 3 - Tips & the Law)
- Power of Attorney for use overseas
- Attest true likeness of photograph
Fees $55, taxes included (Identification and proof of address required.)

PREPARE AND NOTARIZE DOCUMENTS (certify identity and witness signature)

- AFFIDAVIT for Student Loan
- INVITATION LETTER to visit Canada (sample, see Part 3 - Tips & the Law)
- CONSENT LETTER for Travelling Child (sample, see Part 3 - Tips & the Law)
- POWER OF ATTORNEY for domestic or international use
Fees from $75, taxes included (Identification and proof of address required.)

NOTE: For notarized documents to be used outside of Canada, you might need to obtain a Certificate of Authentification from the Government of Ontario,
Official Documents Services. Government fee: $16 (no tax).

Address: 222 Jarvis Street, ground floor (North-west corner of Jarvis Street; entrance at North-side of the building)
Nearest interesection: Jarvis / Dundas (Just a short walk from Kaplan Law Office & K.L.O. Notary)

NOTE: Some documents need to be notarized and then authenticated by the federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada in Ottawa by the Authentication and Service of Documents Section. We strongly advise you to confirm the requirements of your own specific case with the authorities of the country where you will be using your document so as to factor in the necessary processing times and to avoid delays.

A contract is made to protect your rights or investment by setting out, in writing, the legally binding relationship that you wish to create with another.

If someone does not fulfill their part of the bargain then the contract is evidence to seek remedies for non-performance.
A written contract is proof of your oral agreement.

Protect your assets - Protect your rights !
#2 INVITATION LETTER TO VISIT CANADA - Application for Temporary Resident's Visa or Super Visa
Persons requiring a Temporary Resident Visa to visit Canada must obtain an invitation letter from the person in Canada they are going to visit. Many visa offices require the Invitation Letter to be notarized by a Notary Public.
Dr. Kaplan, a Lawyer & Notary Public, is an Official authorized by law to notarize this Letter as part of the visa application process.

*See list of required information at the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website: www.cic.gc.ca/english/visit/letter.html

* If you really want your relative to visit - or - if your invitation has been rejected, let Dr. Kaplan use her experience and knowledge to help you to prepare your invitation letter. Dr. Kaplan has a history of success in reversing decisions not to grant a temporary visitor's visa, even for relatives who have been denied entry many times, over many years.

In addition to assisting the Invitor with the preparation of their Invitation Letter, Dr. Kaplan will also be able to advise the applicant as to the type of information the applicant should produce with their application for a temporary visitor's visa or super visa in the case of visiting parents and grand-parents.

Fees case-by-case based on complexity.

* Téléphonez Maître Kaplan pour une lettre d'invitation en Français.
#3 CONSENT LETTER - Travelling Child
For a minor child to exit Canada, the parent or legal guardian of the child must provide a Consent Letter to the person with whom their child will be travelling.
Dr. Kaplan, a Lawyer & Notary Public, can prepare this letter for you, and is an Official authorized by law to notarize such a Consent Letter.
#4 FORMAT for Invitation Letter or Consent Letter
If using your own letter, please make sure that you leave two inches of blank space across the entire bottom of the last page of your letter for: your signature, and the Notary's TESTIMONIAL STAMP, Notary's COMMISSION STAMP, gold legal seal, and imprint of the official NOTARIAL SEAL.

Translations: English to French | French to English | Spanish to English
Suitable for official, legal, business, domestic, or international purposes.

Translations are done with care, excellent presentation, and meeting legal standards.

When a Certified Translation is required, it will include:

1. the Certificate of Notarized Translation which certifies the accuracy of the translation by Dr. Kaplan, a senior Lawyer and Notary Public since 1993;

2. the translation duly certified, stamped, and sealed by Dr. Kaplan, Lawyer-Notary Public; and

3. the true copies of the original documents duly certified by Dr. Kaplan, Lawyer-Notary Public.

For information, call Dr. Kaplan at 416-593-6012 (Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.)
Please note, the last day to book a weekend appointment is Thursday.

Established in 2000, GCIO is a locally owned and operated organization.
GCIO's mission is to promote and make quality goods & services of an entrepreneurial nature available to the general public.
For information or to open an account, call Evelyn at Global Cottage Industries at 416-593-6012.

Current Offerings:

þ Professional counselling and mentorship for start-up businesses, businesses in expansion, business serving domestic and international markets, sole proprietors, entrepreneurs, and artists (Bilingual Services).

þ conseils pour petites entrprises (Services en Français).

þ Artist representation when placing artwork on display at a gallery, or selling on commission to retailers, to private buyers, or using third party e-commerce.

þ Résumés: polished and professional content and format, prepared in French or English;

þ Employment seekers: interview counselling and mock interview;

þ Editor of commercial literature, business advertisements, books, papers, etc.: prepare content for commercial literature and advertising, or prior to publishing: proof-read and edit your text for spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and content.

Dr. Kaplan solely endorses the LinkedIn internet forum, and does not appear on any on-line social media, such as facebook, etc.
Associations: Law Society of Upper Canada Ontario, Canadian Wills & Estates Professionals Group, Canadian Copyright & Trademark Law Group, Osgoode Hall Law School Alumni Group, Business Improvement Area Member: BIA Downtown Yonge

Juris Doctor: Doctor of Jurisprudence, the study of the science and philosophy of law.

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