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Welcome to my home page. Through this medium we wish to present you with the various things that interest us - largely Railroading and Hot Rods!. You never know, they might tickle your fancy also!


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Feb'12 I'm now assisting a fellow model railroader in building his dream railroad.
This past week we started the bench work construstion on Terry's layout.
Feb'12 After a overly extended absence, I am posting some new material on my web site
To start off with, here is an article on the benchwork we assemble one Saturday for Debbie's new railroad empire.
Jan'11 After an unexcusable absence, I am now in the process of posting new material on this site, both railroad and automobile related.

The Colorado & Southern Railroad

was one of the great railroading miracles whose presence greatly advanced the development and settlement of the Colorado Rockies in the South Park region. I have chosen to model portions of this great narrow gauge empire in HOn3 as it stood in 1935.
Como The town of Como was a key division point for the C&S. View my version of this railroad town.

The Denver, South Park & Pacific Railroad
Is one of the predicessors to the C&S. The DSP&P drove it's tracks south west our of Denver in the mid 1880's to tap into the rich ore deposits in the South Park and Leadville areas. As it's name implies, the dream was to eventually reach the Pacific Ocean. My out door Gn3 layout is loosely based on the DSP&P RR.

Prototype Trains
Though we might be avid model railroaders, the sight of magestic Prototype Trains will always appeal to everyone. Follow this link to some interesting photo stories of prototype railroads that we have seen.
Rail Road Articles

Here are some feature articles regarding railroad related topics.

Terry's New Layout Now that he has finally retired, Terry has undertaken construction of his "dream" railroad. This past weekend we commences with the bench work construction. NEW
Debbie's New Layout Follow along was we build the bench work for Debbie's new railroad. NEW
Settler's House See what is involved to assemble this neat HO scale kit for a Settler's House.
Wire Caddy To make life easier when wiring the layout, I built this neat little Wire Caddy.
Wiring a Passing Siding Learn how I over came the complications of wiring a passing siding at Central City.
Installing Structure Lighting Here are some suggestions on how you can add functional lights to your railroad structures.
The West Side Lumber Company - On3 Models Review some of the On3 West Side Lumber Company models I have recently built.
Hancock Station Building the Hancock Station in 1/2 inch scale.
Russian Iron What is Russian Sheet Iron? Take a minute and see why the boilers on old engines were a blue colour.
Trestle Construction Building a curved trestle in 1/2 inch scale.
Laying Outdoor Track Outdoor track laying in 1/2 inch scale.
The World Of Large Scale Model Railroading Enjoy a quick overview of the large scale model railroading component of the hobby.
Plaster Rock Casting Here are some ideas about creating realistic looking rocks in plaster.

Street Rodding

I am now the proud owner of a very solid 1937 Chevy Sedan. Follow this link to the Street Rodding Pages where we will transform this beauty into a real beast!

We have sold our trusty 1935 Chev Sedan in order to make room for the '37.
Click on the picture for one final look at this wonderful car.
Street Rodding

Hot Rod Links Links to my favourite Hot Rod Suppliers and web sites

2007 Brockville Car Show photos

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