Recycled-wood domes continued...


When efficiency is a dominant criterion, spherical domes are the better choise but if eastetics and pleasure is the goal or if you want more floor area per volume unit, then ellipsoids is a good choise. Most spherical domes are made out of just a few different pieces but ellipsoid shapes require more different shapes of struts. That is why the design of strut should be kept simple for these ellipsoids. Lots of space is made available at a little price. These domes were used year round in Québec winter (lots of snow, cold and damp).

This 40 feet dome was built with crate grade planks (mostly 1X4 and 2X4). The longest piece was about 4 feet long. All re-used of course. It nevertheless gave a superbly spherical shape because of the arched struts. In front of the dome, you see the discarded crate we used as a source of materials. These structures were perfectly workable as greenhouse or warehouse.

Plywood connectors were made out of small scrap pieces. The assembly was straitforward and precise. Very little wood was used to make this big dome.

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