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The Man
A Little History

I am very proud of the lineage from whom my luthier skills were derived.

In 1964 master luthier Edgar Munch arrived in Canada from Germany. It was in Toronto that Jean Claude Larrivee met Munch and worked with him for two years on a part time basis before turning to full time building in 1968. Sergei de Jonge was one of Jean Larrivee's first apprentices and has established a reputation of his own as a luthier and teacher.

It is from Sergei's knowledge of guitarmaking that my development as a luthier has grown.

About My Guitars

I build guitars that range from my concert quality classical (the C-49) to a number of performance acoustic steel-string guitars.  My steel-string guitars range from a wide body (not quite jumbo) Signature model, to a very narrow body parlour guitar (also available in a classical nylon string version).  In between is my L-49, a powerful OM style and the S-45, a small body guitar with exceptional volume. My P-49 is a concert model steel-string with the same body outline of my classical C-49. The D-49, a dreadnought with big sound, rounds out my present model listing.

Preferred Wood

Soundboard: Spruce or Cedar

I prefer the qualities of Engleman Spruce or Western Red Cedar in my classical guitars and Sitka Spruce in my steel-string guitars, but there are other options which will yield impressive results.

Back and Sides: Lots of Choices Here

I do not feel limited by tradition here.  Personally, I love Rosewood, but many other hardwoods will yield truly professional instruments and I will not shy away from highly figured hardwoods if they are acoustically sound and stable.  I have been collecting seasoned hardwood for many years now, and can offer more than twenty-five different species.  A list of available wood options can be found in my "woodbin".

Classical C49 Classical Model   nylon string

All of the classical guitars I build are original in design, albeit heavily influenced by the master builders of both the past and present.  In the outward appearance of my classical guitars I have attempted to capture those elements I most admire in the guitars of master luthier, Edgar Munch.

Signature Signature Model   Steel-string

My Signature model is relatively new and I'm very excited by it. While it is not truly a Jumbo, its comparatively smaller upper bout gives it that appearance. It has a powerfully balanced voice.

L49 The L49   Steel-string

My most popular model to date. This OO model, 14 frets to the body is a powerful finger-style guitar.

S45 The S45   Steel-string

The S45 is my first original guitar design and has proven to be one terrific small-body guitar! Lots of punch and volume, simply fantastic in an intimate venue.

  The P49   Steel-string

The P49 is a concert steel-string, built in the same body outline of the C-49 with a classical look. Classical rosette and heel style as standard features.

  The D49   Dreadnought  Steel-string

The Dreadnought is much more than a Country-music workhorse! The D-49 is well suited to the guitarist who accompanies him/herself or others in a mainly rhythm style of play, but also responds very well to flat-picking and finger picking styles.

  The Parlour Guitars   Nylon or Steel-string

Built in either a classical (nylon string) or steel-string versions, this narrow body guitar is unique and speaks for itself.


Terms of Sale

A $1000.00 deposit is required before the construction of your guitar can begin, and the balance must be paid in full before shipping.  Prices quoted are for the production of your guitar only and DO NOT include shipping, handling, taxes or duties.

Currently the waiting period for delivery (after receipt of deposit) is approximately two years.


All of my instruments are warranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for as long as I remain active in lutherie.

Damage due to fair wear and tear, abuse, neglect, extremes of temperatures or humidity, or natural disaster are not covered under warranty.

Periodic maintenance is the responsibility of the owner and is a condition of warranty.  Appropriate care accessories are included in the purchase of each instrument.

Gregory Furan, 38 Stillbrook Crt., Toronto, Ontario. M1E 3W7
phone: (416) 284 5622