Gregory Furan Lutherie

The L49

My most popular model to date. This 00 model, 14 frets to the body is an incredibly powerful "finger-style" guitar. It feels like a small body guitar, but it's volume and voice turns heads! Several different versions of this guitar have been spun from it's original design including the experimental Lee Valley guitar. The first L-49 I built is owned by my daughter Lindsay. Optional cutaway version available.

Body Length :    19 3/8"   (49cm)
Lower Bout :    14 5/8"   (
Waist :    8 3/4"   (22.5cm)
Upper Bout :    11"   (28cm)
Price :    $3100 US

Terms of Sale

A $1000.00 deposit is required before the construction of your guitar can begin, and the balance must be paid in full before shipping.  Prices quoted are for the production of your guitar only and DO NOT include shipping, handling, taxes or duties.

Currently the waiting period for delivery (after receipt of deposit) is approximately two years.


All of my instruments are warranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for as long as I remain active in lutherie.

Damage due to fair wear and tear, abuse, neglect, extremes of temperatures or humidity, or natural disaster are not covered under warranty.

Periodic maintenance is the responsibility of the owner and is a condition of warranty.  Appropriate care accessories are included in the purchase of each instrument.

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phone: (416) 284 5622