Early North American Wars 1600 - 1859

One Mile to Bushy Run Station by Robert Griffing

Osprey Books:

Men at Arms Series: $15.00 U.S.

#039British Army in N. America 1775-1783 (rev edition)
#048Wolfe's Army
#056Mexican American War
#163American Plains Indians
#173The Alamo - Texas War for Independence
#186The Apaches
#224Queen Victoria's Enemies - Asia / Australia/ Americas
#226The American War 1812 -1814
#228Woodland Indians
#244French Army in the American Revolution
#249The Canadian Campaigns
#26118th Century Highlanders
#273General Washington's Army (1) 1775-1778
#281U.S. Dragoons 1833-1855
#285King George's Army (1) 1740-1793
#288American Indians of the SouthEast
#289King George's Army (2) 1740-1793
#290General Washington's Army (2) 1779-1783
#292King George's Army (3) 1740-1793
#319British Army in N. America 1793-1815
#344Tribes of the Sioux Nation
#345American Army 1812 -1815

Elite Series: $17.00 U.S.

#036Texas Rangers
#067Pirates 1660-1730

Warrior Series: $17.00 U.S.

#019British Redcoat (1) 1740-1793
#020British Redcoat (2) 1793-1815

Order of Battle Series: $22.00 U.S.

#003Quebec 1759

Campaign Series: $19.00 U.S.

#028New Orleans 1815
#037Boston 1775
#047Yorktown 1781
#067Saratoga 1777
#076Ticonderoga 1758
#079Louisburg 1758
#089The Alamo


Merry Hearts make Light Days - The 1812 Journal of Lt le Couteur (edited by Donald Graves, $18.00 U.S.)
The Incredible War of 1812 - J. MacKay Hitsmen (updated by Donald Graves, $19.00 U.S.)
Lords of the Lake - The Naval War on Lake Ontario 1812 -1814 - Robert Malcomson ($24.00 U.S.)
Where Right and Glory Lead - Battle of Lundys Lane 1814 ($17.00 U.S.)
Field of Glory- Battle of Cryslers Farm 1813 ($19.00 U.S.)
Book - The Art of Robert Griffing ( 150 pages w/ 75 color plates, $55.00 U.S.
British at The Gates: New Orleans Campaign, War of 1812 by Robert Reilly ($19.00 U.S.)
Quebec 1755 - The Seige & The Battle by C.P. Stacy (Updated by Donald Graves) ($22.00 U.S.)
A Very Brillant Affair - Battle of Queenston Heights by Robert Malcomson (Hardcover) ($28.00 U.S.)

Robert Griffing - Art of the Eastern Frontier

Book - The Art of Robert Griffing
(150 pages w/75 color plates - $55.00 U.S.)

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1812 - The Forgotten War (90 minutes, $25.00 U.S.)
French and Indian Wars (55 minutes, $25.00 U.S.)
Attack on Canada 1775 (50 minutes, $25.00 U.S.)


(Various sizes and prices)

Battle of Lexington

Crocketts last Sunrise

Java and the Constitution

Death of Major Pierson

DHM 155Battle of Lexington
DHM 175Siege of Yorktown
DHM 331Siege of Pensacola, Florida 1781
DHM 341Death of Montgomery at Quebec 1775
DHM 342Washington Crossing the Delaware
DHM 357Siege of Louisburg 1758
DHM 354Battle of Quebec 1759
DHM 467Crocketts last Sunrise - The Alamo
DHM 549Remember the Alamo
DHM 708Men of the British Navy - Lake Erie 1812
DHM 709Men of the U.S. Navy - Lake Erie 1812
DHM 902The Java and the Constitution
DHM 4992nd Maryland at Guildford Courthouuse 1781
DHM 445Battle of Bunker Hill
DHM 992The Shannon and the Chesapeake
DHM 897Damnation Seize My Soul Blackbeard the Pirate 1731
DHM 960Death of Major Pierson

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