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Ancient and Medieval
Scottish Wars
English Civil War
Marlborough Period
Frederick The Great
French Revolutionary Wars,
French Napoleonic Wars
Prussian Napoleonic Subjects
British Napoleonic Subjects (1794-1814)
The Battle of Waterloo
Crimean War
American War of Independence
Mexican War/CivilWar/French and Indian Wars etc.
Second Empire and Franco Prussian War etc.
Colonial Wars - including India, Afghanistan, Sudan etc.
Zulu Wars (South Africa)

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Ancient and Medievel

 DHM169 Heroism and Humanity Robert The Bruce Sir W.Allen
 DHM219 With Their Banners Bravely Spread Gow
 DHM255 Richard the Third at Bosworth Mark Churms
 DHM257 In Single Combat. Robert The Bruce Mark Churms
 DHM298 Battle of Bannockburn Mark Churms
 DHM310 Vercingetorix Surrendering to Caesar Motte
 DHM343 The Cataline Conspiracy (Roman Senate) C. Maccari
 DHM344 Murder of Caesar K.T. Piloty
DHM358 The Chariot Race Wagner
 DHM364 William Wallace at Stirling Bridge Mark Churms
 DHM381 The Vikings Brian Wood
 DHM385 Field of the Cloth of Gold Gilbert
 DHM388 Sabine Women David
 DHM405 Battle of Bouvines Vernet
 DHM411 Battle of Issus Altdorfer
 DHM425 Joan of Ark Gilbert
 DHM460 Richard III Mark Churms
 DHM462 Black Prince at Tournament Mark Churms
 DHM463 Black Prince at the Battle of Crecy Mark Churms
 DHM477 Morning of Agincourt Gilbert
 DHM491 Defeat of Porus Watteau
 DHM492 Defeat of Darius Watteau
 DHM510 Viking Raid Brian Palmer
 DHM511 Boadicea  Brian Palmer
 DHM512 Battle of Thermopylae Brian Palmer
 DHM513 Battle of Zama (2nd Punic Wars) Brian Palmer
 DHM530 Death of Charles the Brave E. Delacroix
 DHM531 Mary Queen of Scots Returns from Exile Cattermole
 DHM535 Thumbs Down J.L. Gerome
DHM540 Battle of Gaugamela Jean Brueghel
 DHM596 Release '97, Vercingetorix Throws his Arms Before Caesar L. Royer
 DHM598 A Cavalry Skirmish S. Vranx
 DHM696 Sons of Odin (VIKINGS) Collingwood
 DHM697 AD61 (ROMANS) Collingwood
 DHM706 Battle of Barnet (War of the Roses) Collingwood
 DHM805 SPQR Collingwood
 DHM861 Edward 1st in Wales David Pentland
 DHM927 Viking Raid Brian Palmer
 DHM959 Sparticus against the Romans Brian Palmer
 DHM975 Protrait of Richard III Collingwood
 DHM979 Bowman, Men at Arms Collingwood
 VAR336 Caractacus Being Paraded by the Emperor Davidson
 VAR370 After the Battle William Wallace Sir William Allen

Scottish Wars

DH001 Lochaber No More McDonald
 DHM169 Heroism and Humanity (Robert The Bruce) Allen
 DHM170 After Culloden Rebel Hunting J. Lucas
 DHM180 Battle of Culloden Simkin
 DHM254 Battle of Culloden Mark Churms
 DHM257 In Single Combat Mark Churms
 DHM259 Raising the Standard Mark Churms
 DHM298 Battle of Bannockburn Mark Churms
 DHM330 Battle of Culloden David Rowlands
DHM356 I am cme home (Bonnie Prince Charlie) Alan Herriot
DHM362 Jacobite Piper Mark Churms
 DHM363 Charge of the Highlanders Mark Churms
 DHM364 William Wallace at Stirling Bridge Mark Churms
DHM531 Mary Queen of Scots Returns from Exile Catttermole 
DHM668 The Lone Piper David Rowlands
DHM690 Battle of Falkirk Collingwood
DHM829 Morning of Agincourt Gilbert
DHM900 Robert the Bruce Collingwood
 VAR237 Sherrifmuir (No Title)  Wotton
 VAR316 Culloden the Aftermath Signed Brian Wood
 VAR319 Battle of Killiecrankie A. Herriot
 VAR321 Disbanded Pettie
 VAR436 Battle of Culloden   

English Civil War

DHM094 Surrender of York to the Roundheads Crofts
 DHM096 Cromwell after Marston Moor Crofts
 DHM131 Cromwell at the Storming of Basing House Crofts
 DHM173 Scene from the English Civil War Crofts
 DHM203 The Boscobol Oak Crofts
 DHM242 Cromwell at Dunbar Gow
 DHM329 Cromwell at the Blue Boar Crofts
 DHM408 Whitehall, Execution of Charles Crofts
 DHM409 Roundheads Returning from a Raid Crofts
 DHM470 Funeral of Charles The 1st Crofts
 DHM471 Charles 1st on his way to Execution Crofts
 DHM495 After the Battle of Naseby Gilbert
 DHM533 Charles 1st at Edgehill Landseer
 DHM534 When Did You See Your Father Last? Yeames
 DHM600 Prince Rupert at Edgehill Berkeley
 DHM601 Battle of Marston Moor J. Barker
 DHM665 For King and Kingdom Collingwood
 DHM666 For Sake and Plunder Collingwood
 DHM667 For God and Parliament Collingwood
 DHM671 Musketeer-Earl of Manchester Reg. Collingwood
 DHM672 Pikeman of the Kings Kife Guard Collingwood
 DHM673 Parliamentarian Cornet Standard Bearer Collingwood
 DHM674 Royalist Harquebusier Officer Collingwood
 DHM675 East European Mercenary Collingwood
 DHM676 Royalist Dragoon Officer Collingwood
 DHM677 Parliamentarian Harquebusier Trooper Collingwood
 DHM678 Found and Lost Collingwood
 DHM693 Cavalry 1643 Collingwood
 DHM695 Infantry 1643 Collingwood
 DHM698 Battle of Worcester Collingwood
 DHM699 Portrait of Charles II Collingwood
 DHM700 Protrait of Oliver Cromwell Collingwood
 DHM980 Protrait of Black Tom Fairfax Collingwood
 DHM981 Protrait of Prince Rupert of the Rhine Collingwood
 VAR340 Prince Rupert and His Staff Crofts
 VAR427 Advance Guard of the New Model Army  Crofts

Marlborough Period

 DHM019 Battle of Fontenoy (Blackwatch) Cumming
 DHM074 Battle of Fontenoy Philappotaux
 DHM160 Battle of Blenheim Wootton
 DHM186 Inniskillings at Tolnay Wollen
 DHM315 La Vedette Des Dragons Sous Louis IX Meissonier
 DHM321 Marlborough Signing Dispatches Hillingford
 DHM322 Knighting of Trooper Brown J.P. Beadle
 DHM334 15th Light Dragoons at Ensdorf David Rowlands
 DHM353 Battle of Mindon David Rowlands
 DHM493 The Outpost Crofts
 DHM592 Marshall Saxe and his Troops E. Meisonier
 DHM704 Protrait of Marlborough Collingwood
 DHM705 Portrait of William II (Of Orange) Collingwood
 VAR208 Battle of Dettingen Wooton
 VAR375 Battle of Fontenoy H. Vernet

Frederick The Great

 DHM489 Battle of Zorndorf Rochling
 DHM631 Die Schlact Von Leuthen Rochling
 VAR277 Prussian Guards at Leuthen 1757 Rochling
 VAR299 Battalion Leibgarde Bei kollin Knotel
 VAR300 Hohen Friedburg Rochling

French Revolutionary Wars

 DHM042 Battle of Jamappes Horace Vernet
 DHM044 Battle of Valmy Horace Vernet
 DHM045 Battle of Rivoli Felix Philappoteaux
 DHM054 Battle of the Pyramids Lejeurne
 DHM127  Battle D Arcole  Horace Vernet
 DHM136  Battle of Rivoli  Carl Vernet
 DHM189  Battle of Roveredo  Stanfield
 DHM324  Les Ordannances  Meissonier
 DHM328  Bonaparte Au Pont  Arcole Gros
 VAR221  Passage Du Rhine A Dusseldorf  Lejeurne

French Napoleonic Wars

 DHM023 On the March From Moscow Laslett Potts
 DHM035 Napoleon Before the Battle of Wagram Swebach
 DHM037 Battle of Moscow Lejeurne
 DHM039 Battle of Marengo Lejeurne
 DHM040  Battle of Hanau  Horace Vernet
 DHM046  Battle of Montmirail  Horace Vernet
 DHM051   Napoleon's Peril at Brienne Le Chateaux  Hillingford
 DHM056  Napoleon on Campaign  Meissonier
 DHM098  French Horseguards at Eylau  Detaille
 DHM115  Storming of Ratisbon  Thevenin
 DHM126  The Prize (4th Dragoons)  Detaille
 DHM128  Retour De Lille D Elb  Steuben
 DHM129  Adieux De Fontainbleu  H. Vernet
 DHM130  Battle of Eylau  Roehn
 DHM132  Jena Won By Napoleon  H. Vernet
 DHM134  Un Jour De Revue Sous L Empire  Bellange
 DHM135  Battle of Austerlitz  Vernet
 DHM137  Point De Advance Guard  Detaille
 DHM138  Soir De Jena  Detaille
 DHM140  Remise Sunat De Trophes  Detaille
 DHM145  Grenadier of the Guard at Elbe  H. Vernet
 DHM146  Veteran at Home  H. Vernet
 DHM147  The Sentinel  Bellange
 DHM148  Apotheosis of Napoleon  H. Vernet
 DHM149  The Dead Trumpeter  H. Vernet
 DHM165  Surrender of Ulm  Thevenin
 DHM172  The Battle of Marengo J.  A. Pajou
 DHM178  Affair of Outposts  J.P. Beadle
 DHM206  Napoleon  Crofts
 DHM225  Nopoleon at Boulogne  Orange
 DHM228  Dog of the Regiment is Wounded  H. Vernet
 DHM229  Crossing the Ford  Bellange
 DHM230  The Dispatch  Bellange
 DHM231  A Cavalry Skirmish  Gericoult
 DHM232  Napoleon and his Staff  Meissonier
 DHM233  Divorce of Josephine  Schopin
 DHM235  Battle of Eylau (Guard Cavalry)  Benigni
 DHM239  Passage De Pont De Landshut  Hersent
 DHM244  Battle of Austerlitz  Gerard
 DHM247  La Moskowa  Mark Churms
 DHM249  Last Charge of General Lasalle  Mark Churms
 DHM256  Napoleon at Friedland  Mark Churms
 DHM259  News from the Front  Mark Churms
 DHM275  Bonaparte at St Bernards Pass  David
 DHM279  La Guepier Espagnol  Mark Churms
 DHM295  Napoleon in his Coronation Robes  Gerard
 DHM305  Napoleon after his Abdication  Delaroche
 DHM313  Battle of Friedland  H. Vernet
 DHM314  Austerlitz Befor The Charge  Meissonier
 DHM316  Petit Poste de Grand Garde  Meissonier
 DHM318  Napoleon's Retreat from Moscow  A. Northern
 DHM325  Viva L Empereur  Detaille
 DHM327  Portrait of Napoleon  David
 DHM346  Napoleon at Charlemagnes Throne  Motte
 DHM390  Friedland  Meissonier
 DHM394  Distribution of the Eagles  David
 DHM395  Coronation of Napoleon  David
 DHM396  Wounded Cuirassier  Gerecault
 DHM397  General of the 1st Empire  Detaille
 DHM407  The Grenadier a Pied  Detaille
 DHM430  General Lasalle  Benigni
 DHM453  Tireur D'Elite  Mark Chrums
 DHM455  Napoleon's Dream  Mark Churms
 DHM597  A Parley (Dragoons)  J.A. Walker
 DHM599  Burning the Eagles on Retreat from Moscow  Woodville
 DHM600  Napoleon at the Battle of Jena (B/W)  Meissonier
 DHM639  Death of Lt. Guido Von Den Lippe during the pursuit of Murat  Knotel
 DHM653  Retreat of the French Army  Knotel
 DHM875  Courage (Marshall Ney)  Chaperon
 DHM878  Wellington at Waterloo Village  Hillingford
 DHM879  Napoleon watching the Battle of Friedland  J.A. Walker
 DHM940  Napoleon at the Battle of Borodino  Hillingord
 DHM944  The Battle of the Nile  Thomas Luny
 DHM945  Charge of the Light Guards  Woodville
 DHM946  French Cuirassiersd questioning a peasant  Detaille
 DHM951  Last stand of The Old Guard  Hillingford
 DHM953  Incident during the Peninsula War  Hillingford
 VAR143  Battle of Aboukir Bay  Lejeune
 VAR144  Battle of Mount Tabor  Lejeune
 VAR145  French Dragoon  Lancia
 VAR148  French Hussar  Lancia
 VAR149  French Chasseur a Cheval  Lancia
 VAR151  French Cuirrasier  Lancia
 VAR152  French Dragoon 20th Regiment  Lancia
 VAR153  French Voltigeurs  Lancia
 VAR184  1st Regiment Carabiniers  Benigni
 VAR185  Officier De Cuirassier  Meissonier
 VAR281  Napoleon Awarding Legion of Honour  Woodville
 VAR282  Napoleon Giving Order at Austerlitz  Vernet
 VAR308  Officier De Chasseur A Cheval  Gericault
 VAR372  Oath of the Saxons  Benvenuti
 VAR419  Incident in the Peninsula  Hillingoford
 UN101  Gardes Honnur en Vedette  Rousselot
 UN102  Chevau-Legers Polonais, Tenue De Campagne  Rousselot
 UN103  Chasseur a Cheval, Tenue De Parade  Rousselot
 UN104  Gardes D'Honneur, Combat a Cheval  Rousselot
 UN105  Chevau-Legers Polonais, Grande Tenue  Rousselot
 UN106  Granadier A Cheval  Rousselot
 UN107  Chasseur a Cheval  Rousselot
 UN108  Chasseur A Cheval With Napoleon  Rousselot
 UN109  Dragon De L'imperatrice, Timbalier  Rousselot
 UN110  Dragons De L'imperatrice,Trompettes De parade  Rousselot
 UN111  Dragons De L'imperatrice  Rousselot
 UN112  Grenadiers A Cheval  Rousselot
 UN113  Grenadiers Cheval Trompettes  Rousselot
 UN114  Chevau-Legers Polonais, Somo Sierra  Rousselot
 UN115  Chevau-Legers Polonais, Trompettes  Rousselot
 UN116  Grenadiers A Cheval 1813  Rousselot
 UN117  Chasseur A Cheval, Campagne De 1809  Rousselot
 UN118  Chasseur A Cheval, Trompettes  Rousselot
 UN119  Dragons De L'imperatrice, En Manteau  Rousselot
 UN120  Chevau-Legers Polonais, En Manteau  Rousselot
 UN121  Dragons De L'imperatrice, Tenue De Campagne  Rousselot
 UN122  Grenadiers A Cheval, Tenue De Campagne  Rousselot
 UN123  Grenadiers A Cheval, En Manteau  Rousselot
 UN124  Grenadiers A Cheval, Trompettes  Rousselot
 UN125  Dragons De L'imperatrice, Tenue De Campagne  Rousselot
 UN126  Chasseur A Cheval, Campagne De France  Rousselot
 UN127  Chevau-Legers Polonais Timbalier  Rousselot
 UN128  Dragons De L'imperatrice, Trompette  Rousselot
 UN129  Dragons De L'imperatrice, Porte Aigle 1813  Rousselot
 UN130  Dragons De L'imperatrice, Trompettes  Rousselot
 UN131  Chevau-Legers Polonais, Porte Aigle 1807/14  Rousselot
 UN132  Chasseurs A Cheval, Jeune Garde 1813  Rousselot
 UN133  Grenadier A Cheval, Officiers 1805-1814  Rousselot
 UN180  Empereur Napoleon  C. Vernet
 UN181  1st Regiment Carabiniers  C. Vernet
 UN182  10th Regiment Cuirassiers  C. Vernet
 UN183  Chevau Legers Lancers  C. Vernet

Prussian Napoleonic Subjects

 DHM307 Fusilier Battalion at Gros Guerschuen Rochling
 DHM633 Capture of General Cambronne Knotel
 DHM634 Arrival of General Von Bulow Knotel
 DHM635 Crossing of the Prussian Army over the Rhine Knotel
 DHM637 Battle of Kulm Carl Rochling
 DHM639 Prussian pursuit of the French after Hanau Knotel
 DHM651 The Battle of Leipzig Knotel
 DHM652 The Prussian Trumpeter Knotel
 DHM654 Prussian Assualt on the Graveyard Rochling
 DHM655 Prince Carl Von Mecklemburg with East Prussian Cavalry Knotel
 VAR120 Charge of the Prussian Dragoons at Wachau Rochling
 VAR121 Johanna Stegen at the Storming of Luneburg Rochling
 VAR335  Prussian Troops Storming Plancenoit  Rochling
 VAR439  Charge of the Death Head Hussars  Knotel

British Napoleonic Subjects (1794-1814)

 DHM025 Battle of Alberhera (The Buffs) Wollen
 DHM032 Steady the Drums and Fifes Lady Butler
 DHM077 Scouts Wollen
 DHM078  Halt on a Forced March  Lady Butler
 DHM092  The Rearguard J.P. Beadle
 DHM177  Battle of Maida  Louthembourg
 DHM187  Passage of the Bidassoa  Beavis
 DHM197  Battle of Vittoria  Barker
 DHM207  Fuentos Onoro (Ramsays Battery)  Wollen
 DHM214  Ramsays Battery at Fuentos  Onoro Woodville
 DHM299  Storming of San Sabastian  Mark Churms
 DHM308  Passage of the Bidassoa  Beadle
 DHM332  Battle of Talavera  David Rowlands
 DHM335  Bloody Elenth. Salamanca  David Rowlands
 DHM352  Battle of Leipzig  David Rowlands
 DHM367  Badajoz  Mark Churms
 DHM369  Hearts of Oak  Mark Churms
 DHM204  30th Foot at Badajoz  Simkin
 DHM206  10th Hussars, Retreat from Corruna  Simkin
 DHM313  The Girl I Left Behind  Green
 DHM460  Retreat From Corunna  R. Beavis
 DHM465  Landing of British Troops in Egypt  Louthembourg
 DHM497  Scouts (from Original)  Wollen
 DHM663  Portrait of Wellington  Collingwood
 DHM830  Brigade of Guards landing at Aboukir  Luny
 VAR204  30th Foot at Badojoz  Simkin
 VAR206  10th Hussars, Retreat from Corruna  Simkin
 VAR313  The girl I left behind  Green
 VAR460  Retreat from Corunna  R. Beavis
 VAR465  Landing of British Troops in Egypt  Louthembourg
 UN222  Horseguards  Anderson
 UN223  33rd Regiment  Anderson
 UN224  Coldstream Guards  Anderson
 UN225  60th Foot  Anderson
 A1  Battle of Alexandria (21 left)  Archer

The Battle of Waterloo

 DHM001 Morning of Waterloo Lady Butler
 DHM004 Sgt Ewart Capturing the Eagle Sullivan
 DHM010 Evening of Waterloo  E. Crofts
 DHM015  Black Watch at Bay. Quatrebras Wollen
 DHM016 Gloucesters at Waterloo  Wollen
 DHM018  Death of Colonel McCara  Simkin
 DHM024  Piper Mackay (Cameron Highlanders)  Anderson
 DHM028  Gordons and Greys to the Front  Berkeley
 DHM030  Battle of Waterloo  Hillingford
 DHM058  Hougoumont  Gibb
 DHM063  Battle of Waterloo Sir William  Allen
 DHM066  Scotland Forever (Centre Detail)  Lady Butler
 DHM073  Battle of Waterloo  Felix Philippoteaux
 DHM112  Fight for the Standard  Richard Ansdell
 DHM114  Morning of Waterloo  Aylward
 DHM157  Napoleon's Last Inspection  J.P. Beadle
 DHM185  Inniskilling Dragoons at Waterloo  Lady Butler
 DHM188  Battle of Waterloo 8 p.m.  Sir William Allen
 DHM194  The Captive Eagle  J.P. Beadle
 DHM197  Now Maitland, Now is your Time!  Barker
 DHM200  Scotland Forever  Lady Butler
 DHM211  Charge of the Inniskillings  O. Norie
 DHM218  Night Before Waterloo  Skeoch Cumming
 DHM223  Halt. (10th Hussars)  After Lady Butler
 DHM236  Cuirrasiers in the Sunken Road  Benigni
 DHM241  Wellington on the Road to Quartebras  Hillingford
 DHM250  Marshall Ney at Waterloo  Mark Churms
 DHM251  Charge of the Life Guards  Mark Churms
 DHM252  Hougoumont  Mark Churms
 DHM253  Wellington Leaving Quatrebras for Waterloo  Mark Churms
 DHM258  Charge of the Union Brigade  Mark Churms
 DHM292  Morning of Waterloo  E. Crofts
 DHM293  Wellington Leaving Quatrebras for Waterloo  E. Crofts
 DHM294  Napoleon's Last Grand Attack  E. Crofts
 DHM304  Defence of Hougoumont Farm  Hillingford
 DHM311  Charge of The 7th Hussars  H. Martens
 DHM320  Waterloo at the Close of the Day  Hillingford
 DHM344  Defence of Hougoumont Farm  Hillingford
 DHM345  The Defiant Highlander  Woodville
 DHM348  Incident at Waterloo (Earl of Uxbridge)  Hillingford
 DHM386  Charge of Donop's Cavalry  Demoulin
 DHM387  Attack on the British Squares  Demoulin
 DHM424  G Battery (Mercers Troop) Waterloo  Seccoumb
 DHM454  La Charge (Donops Cavalry at Waterloo)  Mark Churms
 DHM456  Officer Rha (Mercer)  Mark Churms
 DHM457  The Generals Escort (Polish Lancers)  Mark Churms
 DHM487  Capture of the French Artillery by the 52nd Reg.  E. Crofts
 DHM494  Wellington at Waterloo  E. Crofts
 DHM500  Brunswick Hussar at Quatrebras  Brian Palmer
 DHM501  Brunswick Uhlan at Quatrebras  Brian Palmer
 DHM502  2nd Life Guard at Waterloo  Brian Palmer
 DHM503  Horseguards at Waterloo  Brian Palmer
 DHM504  Cameron Highlanders at Waterloo  Brian Palmer
 DHM505  French 1st Light Infantry  Brian Palmer
 DHM506  1st Foot (Royal Scots) at Waterloo  Lady Butler
 DHM507  Inniskillings at Waterloo  Brian Palmer
 DHM508  French Cuirasiers  Brian Palmer
 DHM509  Chasseur a Cheval Waterloo  Brian Palmer
 DHM514  Royal Scots at Waterloo  Brian Palmer
 DHM545  33rd Regimant at the Battle of Waterloo  David Rowlands
 DHM632  Storming of Le Haye Saint  Knotel
 DHM636  Night Victory at Belle Alliance  Knotel
 DHM669  Battle of Waterloo  Collingwood
 DHM898  The Vedette of the 13th Light Dragoons  Collingwood
 DHM899  Counter Charge  Collingwood
 VAR278  The Charge of the Greys  Stanley Wood
 VAR279  Up Guards and at Them  Woodville
 VAR311  Quatrebras (28th Regiment)  Lady Butler
 VAR335  Prussian Troops Storming Plancenoit  Rochling
 VAR448  Chelsea Pensioners Reading of Waterloo  Wilkie
 VAR454  Scotland Yet on to Victory  C. Woodville
 VAR455  The Decisive Moment at Waterloo  Hillingford
 VAR458  Sgt Ewart Capturing the Eagle  Orlando Norie
 UN250  Royal Horse Artillery  M. Greensmith
 UN251  10th Hussars  M. Greensmith
 UN252  1st Life Guards  M. Greensmith

Crimean War

 DHM002 Return from Inkerman Lady Butler
 DHM003 The Barrier (Highland Fusiliers) Heatherwhite
 DHM012 Alma Forward 42nd R. Gibb
 DHM017  Comrades  R. Gibb
 DHM048  Scots Guards Saving the Colours at Alma  Butler
 DHM065 Thin Red Line  R. Gibb
 DHM068  Balaclava  Lady Butler
 DHM085  All That Was Left of Them  Woodville
 DHM090  Battle of the Alma  Philappoteaux
 DHM100  Balaclava  Butler
 DHM110  Charge of the Light Brigade  Woodville
 DHM161  Into the Valley  Charlton
 DHM183  Charge of the Heavy Brigade  Philippoteaux
 DHM198  Charge of the Light Brigade  Barker
 DHM208  Charge of the Light Brigade  Hillingford
 DHM212  55th Reg. at Inkerman  Norie
 DHM220  Balaclava (Light Dragoons)  Charlton
 DHM224  Sgt Luke O'Conner VC (Welch Fusiliers)  Desanges
 DHM300  Last Review Before the Charge  Mark Churms
 DHM330  33rd Storming the Great Redoubt /Alma  David Rowlands
 DHM360  Charge of the 17th Lancers at Balaclava  Mark Churms
 DHM375  Officer 17th Lancers at Balaclava  Mark Churms
 DHM406  Generals Before Sebastopol  Barker
 DHM431  Comrades  Gibb
 DHM488  Fording the Alma (Green Jackets)  Lewis
 DHM498  Letters from Home  Gibb
 DHM546  33rd Storming The Great Resoubt at the Alma  David Rowlands
 DHM754  11th Hussars Lt. Alex Dunn (VC)  Mark Churms
 DHM755  13th Light Dragoons, Sgt. Malone(VC)  Mark Churms
 DHM756  17th Lancers. Sgts. Farrell & Berryman  Mark Churms
 DHM757  4th Light Dragoons, Pvte. Parkes(VC)  Mark Churms
 DHM758  Sgt. Maj. Wooden and Sur. Gen. Mouat(VC)  Mark Churms
 DHM806  Siege of Sebastopol  Alphonce De Neuville
 DHM952  Charge of the Heavy Brigade  O. Norie
 VAR129  Sebastopol (Print from Coloured Engraving)  Woodville
 VAR200  Wounded coldstream Guardsman  Proteus
 VAR203  17th Lancers at Balaclava  Simkin
 VAR301  Relief of the Light Brigade  Woodville
 VAR306  Destruction of the Bomarsund  ­
 VAR310  The Roll Call  Lady Butler
 VAR356  20th Foot at Inkerman  David Rowlands

American War of Independence, Mexican War,
Civil War, French and Indian Wars, etc.

 DHM155 Battle of Lexington W.B. Wollen
 DHM167 Bringing up the Guns Gilbert Gaul
 DHM175 Siege of Yorktown Couder
 DHM278  Siege of Yorktown  Couder
 DHM301  Grant and his Generals  Belling
 DHM331  Siege of Pensacola, Florida 1781  David Rowlands
 DHM341  Death of Montgomery (Quebec)  ­
 DHM342 Washington Crossing the Delaware  Leutze
 DHM357 Siege of Louisburg  David Rowlands
 DHM428  Portrait of General Lee  Geoff Lea
 DHM458  Confederate Officer  Mark Churms
 DHM459  Advance to the Ridge!  Mark Churms
 DHM466  Defence of the Alamo: Travis  Mark Churms
 DHM467  Defence of the Alamo: Crockett  Mark Churms
 DHM468  Defence of the Alamo: Bowie  Mark Churms
 DHM549  Remember the Alamo!  Brian Palmer
 DHM550  The Skirmish Line  Gilbert Gaul
 DHM551  Drummer Boys Playing Cards  Julian Scott
 DHM552  Union Assault on Confederate Works  Winner
 DHM553  Mud March (Union Troops)  Ponticelli
 DHM558  Furling the Flag  Brookes
 DHM664  Rebel Advance (Virginia Infantry)  Collingwood
 DHM679  Grey Cover for Grey Rifles  Collingwood
 DHM701  Brother against Brother  Collingwood
 DHM702  Confederate Infantryman  Collingwood
 DHM708  Men of the British Navy at Lake Erie  Collingwood
 DHM709  Men of the United States Navy at Lake Erie  Collingwood
 DHM807  Assinibion Chief  Herriot
 DHM817  1st Virginia Cavalry  Jim Lancia
 DHM818  2nd US Cavalry 1862  Jim Lancia
 DHM819  69th New York Infantry 1861  
 DHM822  Confederate Bugler  Collingwood
 DHM889  Winter Fishing  Herriot
 DHM902  Java and Constitution  Dawson
 HERON1  Morgan's Raiders  Clyde Heron
 HERON2  Gathering of Eagles  Clyde Heron
 HERON3  Hampton's Charge at Brandy Station  Clyde Heron
 HERON4  General Robert E Lee  Clyde Heron
 HERON5  Forrest's Pursuit of Strength  Clyde Heron
 HERON6  Lt. Gen. Nathan Forrest  Clyde Heron
 HERON7  Tom Green Rifles  Clyde Heron
 HERON8  Thats Devil's Bull Pups  Clyde Heron
 HERON9  Buffalo Soldiers  Clyde Heron
 HERON10  Attack on Eagle Springs Run  Clyde Heron
 UN230  44th New York Volunteer 1861  Knotel
 UN231  73rd New York Volunteer 1864  Knotel
 UN232  146th New York Volunteer 1863  Knotel
 UN233  17th New York Veteran Volunteer 1863  Knotel
 UN234  53rd New York Volunteer 1861  Knotel
 UN235  53rd New York Volunteer Officer 1861  Knotel
 UN236  General Custer  Knotel
 VAR146  General Custer  Lancier
 VAR147  Jeb Stuart  Lancier
 VAR218  Battle of Kennesaw Mountain  Unknown
 VAR219  Battle of New Orleans  Unknown
 VAR285  Battle of Antietam/Potomac  Unknown
 VAR286  Sheridans Ride  Unknown
 VAR287  Battle of Antietam  Unknown

Second Empire and Franco Prussian War etc.

 DHM011 Le Drapeau Detaille
 DHM133 La Reve Detaille
 DHM139 Cimitier De St. Privat De Neuville
 DHM193 The Trumpeter Detaille
 DHM227 Surprise in the Outskirts of Metz De Neuville
 DHM234 Captive Difficile De Neuville
 DHM238 Napoleon III At Solferino Meissonier
 DHM306 Battle of Vonbass Reistrop
 DHM389 Defence Du Pont Bellacour
 DHM391 The Checkpoint Detaille
 DHM392 The Charge De Neuville
 DHM393 Attack on a French Provision Train Detaille
 DHM450 Death of Major Hadelin Rochling
 DHM451 Defence De La Porte Longboyay De Neuville
 DHM643  Attack of the Prussian Uhlans  Sell
 DHM650  Die Ersturmung Der Batterie  Rochling
 DHM656  The Landau Gate at Wisembour is taken by assault  Rochling
 DHM657  Hessian Troops near Chambord  Knotel
 DHM659  Die Schlact Bei Konnigratz  Rochling
 DHM660  Sadova  Sell
 DHM803  The Hostage  Detaille
 DHM804  Defence of Champigny  Detaille
 DHM805  Episode during the Siege of Paris  Detaille
 DHM947  Surrender of the French Army  Fregberg
 DHM948  Arrival of Prince Charles  Fregberg
 DHM950  The Infantry will advance  Rochling
 VAR280 Prince Auton Von Hohenzollern at Ros beritz Knotel
 VAR298 St. Privat Rochling

Colonial Wars Including; India, Afghanistan and Sudan etc.

 DHM005 Charge of the 21st Lancers at Omdurman Woodville
 DHM006 Saving the Guns at Maiwand Woodville
 DHM020 Storming of Dargai Heights Woodville
 DHM062 Remnants of an Army Lady Butler
 DHM075 Charge of the Queen's Bays at Lucknow H. Payne
DHM076 Charge of the 21st Lancers at Omdurman Rowlandson
 DHM079 Dargai/Gordon Highlanders R. Gibb
 DHM081 Rescue of the Wounded Lady Butler
 DHM095 Battle of Taimai Giles
 DHM111 Battle of Abu Klea Wollen
 DHM118 Drummer Roddick Skeoch Cumming
 DHM124 Household Cavalry Moonlight Charge Kassassin
 DHM159 5th Gurkas at Pewar Kotal Hamilton
 DHM162 Battle of Aliwal Norie
 DHM163 Death of Cornet Bigoe at Aliwal Norie
 DHM192 Battle of Meannee Jones
 DHM195 Gordon's Last Stand/Khartoum Joy
 DHM245 92nd Regiment at Kandahar Woodville
 DHM309 3rd Light Dragoons at Moodkee E. Crofts
 DHM331 Siege of Pensacola Rowlands
 DHM333 74th Highlanders at Assaye David Rowlands
 DHM355 19th L/Dragoons at Assaye David Rowlands
 DHM358 Charge of the 16th Lancers at Aliwal Mark Churms
 DHM361 Charge and Pursue/Lucknow Mark Churms
 DHM374 Officer Skinner's Horse 1905   Mark Churms
 DHM376 2nd Dragoon Guards India 1858 Mark Churms
 DHM377 Officer 16th Lancers Aliwal Mark Churms
 DHM380 Tel El Kibir/42nd Highlanders De Neuville
 DHM461 Sikander Sahib's Yellow Boys 1899 Mark Churms
 VAR202 8th Light Dragoons at Laswarree Simki 
 VAR205 1st Dragoon Guards at chang Kia Wang  Simki 
 VAR312 Last Stand at Gundamuck   Wollen 
 VAR341 Death of Montgomery (Canada)
 VAR357 Siege of Louisburg Rowlands
 VAR358 Assault on Chin Kiang Foo  David Rowlands 
 VAR434 Battle of Goojerat (9th Lancers)   Unknown 
 VAR435 Charge of the 9th Lancers (India)  Unknown
 VAR442 Victory at Candarhar S. Berkeley 
 VAR443 Battle of Atabara Cameron Highlanders S. Berkeley
 VAR444 Omdurman, Charge of the 21st Lancers S. Berkeley 
 VAR446 Dargai S. Berkeley
 VAR447 Rifle Brigade Embarks at Dover Baines 
 VAR448 Landing at Algoa Bay Baines 

Zulu Wars (South Africa)

 DHM060 Battle of Ulundi Fayell
 DHM084 Battle of Isandhlwana Fripp
 DHM202 Defence of Rorkes Drift De Neuville
 DHM280 Last Stand of the 24th. Isandhlwana Simon Smith
 DHM370 Eve of Distinction Lt Chard VC Mark Churms 
 DHM371 Wounded (Allan VC and Lyons VC) Mark Churms 
 DHM372 Pinned Like Rats in a Hole (Hook+Williams) Mark Churms 
 DHM373 Pot that Fellow (Dalton VC) Mark Churms 
 DHM456 Into the Fire Mark Churms
 DHM560 Bromhead and Hitch VC Mark Churms 
 DHM561   Prince Dabulamanzi (Zulu Chief)   Mark Churms 
 DHM562   Rorkes Drift the First Attack Ltd Edition   Mark Churms 
 DHM563 Schiess+Adendorf+Reynolds(VCS)  Mark Churms 
 DHM564 Jones VC and Jones VC Mark Churms 
 DHM970 Saving the Queens Colours De Neuville
 DHM971 Last Sleep of the Brave De Neuville

Cranston's Military Art continued...

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