French verbs and grammar need to be better organized for the French immersion classroom.

by Ghi Dean

When I walked into my first grade 10 French Immersion class 11 years ago, I was impressed by the students' pronunciation, by their knowledge of vocabulary and by their willingness to speak. But a few weeks into the semester I realized

I started with the verb problem by designing verb charts to address their difficulties - teaching the rules and the English meanings of the tenses. Publishers aren't interested in developing materials for French Immersion because the market is very small, so I wrote my own grammar programs to cover the Ontario curriculum and inserted correction exercises to help them develop the ability to edit their own work.

In our department we now save a lot of time and money on photocopying by packaging the grammar by grade and the literature by title, putting it in a duotang, and collecting it at the end of the semester. We charge for lost books at the end of the semester.

I like to put a saying a day on the window on my door, to encourage the kids to read and to think in French - and to laugh!

I made "guides" for some of the literature we teach, and made vocabulary lists to help ease the burden of looking up words - a task which could really add up if an immersion student happens to be doing sciences, histoire, mathématiques and français all in one semester! They do have to have some down time!

So if you are teaching French immersion (some of this is also good for Core French in the upper grades) take a peek at my materials. You may download some samples, and if it works for you, you can order the package.

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